Reel Love: Dead Snow

Story by Danielle Ryan

A band of Norwegian medical students find themselves in very unfortunate circumstances when their Spring Break to a remote cabin is interrupted by a hoard of relentless Nazi zombies.

And yes, that is the entire plot. Dead Snow is not for the viewer seeking an intellectual challenge, it is pure, gore-filled fun.

Although Dead Snow follows closely in the footsteps of undead comedies Zombieland and Shawn of the Dead, it is still incredibly entertaining to watch. You will also see things you’ve never seen before, like a student repelling down a cliff using a partially dead zombie’s intestines as his rope … Or the same med student sewing up a zombie-inflicted neck wound with a fishing hook and wire. It might sound disgusting, but believe me, it’s super cool.

And this is coming from someone who feels faint at the thought of getting her blood pressure taken.

Dead Snow is satisfying on the most basic level: it will make you clap your hands with glee while the ragtag group of heroes finds ever more creative ways to smash those zombies to pieces. As zombies are hacked to bits with hammers and snowmobile engines, blood and brains splatter everywhere, including the camera lens.

Despite the barbaric appeal, Dead Snow is still a fairly smart “dumb comedy,” as far as zombie movies go. The film is quite self-conscious of its references to other horror films, and often pokes fun at itself. Some scenes actually involve characters trying to recall other horror films that started in similar isolated situations.

If you’re looking for a good time with some friends this Halloween weekend, Dead Snow is definitely worth checking out. It may not be the most though-provoking film you’ve ever seen, but it sure is a blast.

Reel Love is a recurring movie column from Currents editor Danielle Ryan.

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