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Campus police handles multiple cases of intoxication

Taylor Reisdorf

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March 25, 2020

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The following information was obtained from UW-Eau Claire Police Department records.

Got to Go

At 10:01 p.m. on April 7, a campus officer was contacted by a UW-Eau Claire Student Patrol member regarding a female subject who pulled down her pants and urinated on the footbridge.

The Student Patrol gave the campus officer a description of the subject, and said she was walking with a group of people near Water Street and Second Avenue.

The officer found the group, and the Student Patrol pointed out the female who had urinated. The officer identified the subject, found her to be underage, and asked why she had urinated outside. She said she had had to “go bad.”

The subject said she hadn’t urinated on the sidewalk and that it was off the walking path area. After telling her there were several places to use a bathroom on her route, and that she needed to plan appropriately in the future, the officer explained the ordinance prohibiting public urination.

According to the report, the subject and people she was with appeared to be walking toward an off-campus party. Although she initially denied consuming any alcohol, the officer could smell the odor of intoxicants coming from her breath as she spoke.

The officer observed her speech to be slurred, but the subject claimed this was just her southern Wisconsin accent. After saying this, she admitted to taking a few drinks of an alcoholic beverage.

The subject agreed to a breathalyzer test and was found to have a blood alcohol content of .09. The officer told the subject that a few sips of alcohol wouldn’t result in this number, and he again asked how much she had drank.

The subject again said she only had a few drinks of one alcoholic beverage, and that it had been a while since she did so.

The officer went to his squad car to complete paperwork, and the Student Patrol approached him and told him that another female in the group had dropped a clear plastic bottle on the ground prior to making contact with them. Its contents smelled like alcohol.

The Student Patrol also said the subject had urinated directly on the walking area of the footbridge.

The officer asked the other female about the clear bottle, and was told she was holding onto it for the group. The officer had her dump out its contents and gave her an underage drinking citation.


Lost and Confused

At 11:35 p.m. on April 7, a campus officer was on vehicle patrol on State Street. He saw a male subject walking southbound on the east sidewalk. The subject appeared to be very intoxicated. He was stumbling as he walked and almost fell over several times. He kept tripping over his own feet and crossing from one side of the sidewalk to the other.

The officer was going to check on the subject, but due to vehicle traffic was unable to turn around. He lost sight of the subject, and as he was attempting to locate him, the Eau Claire Police Department (ECPD) was dispatched to a house on State Street.

The homeowners were calling about a male subject who had entered the house but didn’t live there. The campus officer believed this subject to be the same one he was looking for, so he assisted the ECPD.

The officers arrived at the house and got out of their vehicle. The homeowners had gotten the subject out of their house, and he was walking away when the officers made contact with him.

The subject was heavily intoxicated and said he was trying to get to his girlfriend’s house, which was at a different address on State Street. The officers told him he was at the wrong house, but the subject insisted that his girlfriend lived there.

The officer could smell a strong odor of intoxicants coming from the subject’s breath, his speech was heavily slurred and his eyes were bloodshot. At one point, according to the report, the subject put a lighter in his mouth and attempted to light the lighter with another lighter, believing it was a cigarette.

The subject agreed to a search of his person, but no items of interest were found. The officers were trying to help the subject get to his girlfriend’s house when he received a call from his girlfriend. The subject gave the campus officer permission to answer.

The girlfriend provided her address, which was indeed different from the house the subject had entered. She said the subject should have a key, and that she was not there at the time.

It was discovered that the subject had four open misdemeanor cases and had an absolute sobriety bond restriction. The ECPD officer took the subject into custody for jumping bail.

Another ECPD officer met with the complainants, and they didn’t want to press any charges for criminal trespassing.