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Campus police handles cases of underage drinking, fighting and more illegal skateboarding

Taylor Reisdorf

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March 25, 2020

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At 7 p.m on Feb. 24, during the UW-Eau Claire Fire Ball event, a campus officer was called to Davies Student Center for a detox. The Communications Center told the officer there was a female subject locked inside a stall, vomiting, in the third floor bathroom.

The officer met with the complainant, a business manager at Davies. She said the female subject was still in the bathroom stall. Accompanied by a medic, the officer went to the third floor women’s bathroom next to the Ojibwe Ballroom. They found the subject sitting on the floor of a bathroom stall.

EMS assessed the subject; she appeared intoxicated but was conscious and alert. The subject was able to answer basic questions, so the medic decided she would not need to be transported due to alcohol incapacitation. It was, however, discovered that the subject was underage.

EMS told the subject to stay with a friend until she was sober, and she agreed to do so.

The officer asked the subject if she had been consuming alcohol and, if so, how much she had consumed. She said she didn’t know exactly how much, but she had been drinking alcoholic beverages.

After being asked for an estimation, the subject said she guessed she had consumed one bottle of wine. When asked how she obtained the alcohol, she said she got it from a friend.

The officer asked if she had been vomiting, and the subject said yes. She was then escorted to the first floor lobby.

The officer issued the subject a citation for Underage Alcohol Consumption, with a fine amount of $263.50. The officer confiscated the subject’s ticket to the event, and told her she was not allowed back in. The subject and her friend then left Davies.

Pickle Fest

At 2:56 p.m on Feb. 24, a campus officer was dispatched to assist the Eau Claire Police Department (ECPD) with a fight that was in progress at The Pickle on Water Street. The officer responded to the area, accompanied by multiple ECPD officers.

He arrived on the scene and found a large crowd outside the entrance to The Pickle, but there was no active disturbance. The officer assisted with crowd control while the fight was investigated. The crowd slowly dispersed, and once the area was under control, the officer left the scene.

According to the report, the ECPD had multiple cases pertaining to this fight, and other incidents related to Pickle Fest at The Pickle, on this day.

Back at his tricks

At 3:57 p.m on Feb. 22, an anonymous person called the main office of the campus police department. He said he had almost been hit by a male riding his skateboard by Schofield Hall.

A campus police officer responded to the area. While traveling east on Garfield Avenue, he saw an individual riding a skateboard from the northeast corner of Schofield.

The officer explained the complaint, and the subject explained he had been skateboarding in the sidewalk area of Schofield. He denied coming close to hitting any pedestrians.

The officer asked him if he had been performing tricks, and the subject said he had done some “kickflip-like tricks.”

After asking the subject if he had had any prior contact with police for his skateboarding, it was discovered that he had been spoken to by officers on two separate occasions. The subject said he had spoken to a male officer, but hadn’t explicitly been told to stop skateboarding.

He also said he’d talked with a female officer a couple weeks earlier, and was issued a citation for his persistent tricks.

The officer issued the subject yet another citation, with a fine amount of $200.50. The officer explained that using skateboards as a mode of transportation is allowed. However, if pedestrians were walking in the area and riding a skateboard became unsafe, skateboarders have to stop riding.

He also told the subject that performing tricks on Eau Claire campus property was not allowed. The subject said he understood, and that he wouldn’t skate on campus again.