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Campus police handles cases of traffic violations and unauthorized skateboarding

Taylor Reisdorf

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March 25, 2020

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The following information was obtained from UW-Eau Claire Police Department records.


Cruising through the Campus Mall

At 10:19 p.m. on Feb. 6, a campus officer was conducting a random vehicle patrol on the 100th block of Garfield Avenue.

The officer watched a car travel westbound on Garfield, when it abruptly turned southbound onto the sidewalk to cruise along the west side of Zorn Arena.

The officer watched as the vehicle continued southbound on the paved sidewalk. It passed both main west entrances to Centennial Hall and Schneider Hall. In the report, the officer estimated the car’s speed to be 15 mph.

The vehicle exited the paved sidewalk into Roosevelt Circle and then proceeded into the Phillips Hall Lot. The officer stopped the car near the main entrance to the Phillips Hall Lot.

After making contact with and identifying the driver, the subject told the officer he was attempting to “take a shortcut.” He had been trying to drop his friend off on campus in an efficient manner.

The subject said he understood that driving on the paved sidewalk was illegal, but did it out of convenience.

The subject stated his parents were the registered owners of the vehicle, and the car was insured, but the insurance card was not inside the vehicle.

After conducting a records check on the subject and the vehicle, the officer found both to be valid with no prior violations.

The officer issued a Wisconsin Traffic Citation for violation Driving On Sidewalk. Two points are to be assessed to the subject’s license and he was charged a fine amount of $175.30.


Persistent Trickster

At 1:20 p.m on Feb. 8, a female officer traveling eastbound along the 100th block of Garfield Ave. saw a male subject performing skateboard tricks.

Once the subject spotted the officer, he immediately stopped his skateboard stunts. The officer rolled down the window and spoke with the subject. The man claimed he had been told by a different officer that he could skate as he pleased as long as he didn’t do any damage.

The officer told him about the law prohibiting skateboard tricks on campus, to which the subject responded he had nowhere else to perform them because of the weather. The officer warned the subject that if he was seen performing tricks again he would get a citation.

One hour later, the officer was informed by a coworker that the same male subject was back at his antics in the same location. The officer was unable to respond immediately due to another case.

At 2:08 on Feb. 9, the officer again saw the man in the same location executing tricks on his skateboard. She saw him traveling at fast speeds and observed that students had to walk around him as he performed. The officer watched him flip the skateboard into the air multiple times.

The officer approached the subject on foot, and saw that he had headphones in. The man didn’t notice the officer until she was right next to him. Upon noticing the officer, the subject shrugged his shoulders and again stated he had nowhere else to skate. He also repeated that a different officer had told him it was okay.

After reiterating what was discussed the day before, another officer arrived on the scene. The subject was identified, and he told the officers that he was currently homeless. He said he was not a student and has never been a student at UW-Eau Claire.

The subject had no wants and was not on probation. He was charged with a violation, with a fine amount of $200.50. He told the officers he was sorry and that he wouldn’t perform tricks on university property anymore.