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Campus police handles cases of underage drinking, a trapped student and paraphernalia possession

Taylor Reisdorf

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March 25, 2020

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Student gets Uber sick

On Jan. 28, an officer parked in Phillips Lot watched as an Uber stopped in front of Davies Student Center and dropped off a male subject.

The subject, who exited through the rear passenger door, stumbled as he got out. The Uber left after the subject’s exit.

The subject then headed westbound on the sidewalk along the south side of the Davies Center. He continued stumbling as he was walking, and vomited four to six times. The officer observed the subject stop at a bench and vomit on that before continuing on his way.

The subject’s speech was slurred, and an odor of alcohol came from his person. The officer asked if the subject was okay. The subject stated he just had the flu, and hadn’t received his flu shot yet.

The officer asked how old the subject was and found him to be underage. The officer then asked the subject how much alcohol he had consumed, to which the subject responded he hadn’t consumed any.

After looking at the subject’s record to see if he had any past violations, which he didn’t, the officer again asked if the subject had consumed any alcohol. The subject then stated he had two beers at a party in the Water Street area.

The officer issued a alcohol-related ordinance citation to the subject for a first-offense underage alcohol consumption, with a fine amount of $263.50.


Trapped in a tight situation

At 1:22 p.m on Jan. 16, a female officer was called to Bridgman Hall by a Resident Assistant. The RA stated a male subject was locked in a custodial closet, and his or her master key wasn’t opening the door.

The officer responded to the area and unlocked the door. The subject said he had been in the closet for 20 minutes.

The subject stated he had shut the door while washing dishes so he wouldn’t bother anyone with the noise. The door locked behind him and couldn’t be opened from inside.

When asked if he needed any medical attention, the subject stated he was okay and medical attention was not necessary. The officer left the scene.


Possession of drug paraphernalia

At 8:01 p.m on Jan. 28, an RA from Sutherland Hall called and stated he could smell an odor of marijuana coming from a room. He also said he heard people inside the room. This took place about 15 minutes before the officer’s arrival, according to the RA.

The officer noticed a “moderate” odor of marijuana near the door frame. After checking other nearby rooms and not detecting the odor anywhere else, the officer knocked on the door. He could hear several people inside the room talking.

A male subject answered and stated he lived in the room. The officer asked for consent to enter which the subject permitted. The marijuana odor became more apparent upon entrance, and there was a smoky haze inside the room.

There were three other subjects in the room. One of the subjects stated the smoky haze was from vaping.

The officer asked if the subjects were in possession of any marijuana or if they had been smoking it. The subjects denied possessing or smoking the illegal substance.

After asking if any of the subjects had any previous contact with marijuana, one of the subjects stated he had recently been diverted for possession of marijuana but had not yet completed the course.

The officer asked for consent to search the male subject’s portion of the room, which again the subject permitted. A “blow tube” and pipe scraper were found in his top desk drawer. The officer took possession of those items but didn’t find any other items of interest.

The roommate also gave the officer consent to search his portion of the dorm and the other subjects present gave the officer consent to search their backpacks and jackets. The officer didn’t locate any items of interest.

There was a partial bottle of vodka located in the room. The subjects emptied it out in the officer’s presence.

The subject who was found to have drug paraphernalia in his desk drawer was fined $326.50 for having them in his possession.