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Campus police handles cases of an intoxicated male subject and public urination

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Drunk and alone

At 9:42 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 9, campus police was dispatched to Chancellors Hall in reference to an intoxicated male subject who had walked away from his friends.

According to the report, the male subject was last seen wearing a maroon dress shirt, black tie and dress pants and was walking towards Sacred Heart Hospital.

The officer arrived on scene to speak to the complainant, where she found a female subject crying in the Chancellors Hall entryway.

The female subject told the officer that her boyfriend came into town to attend the Delta Zeta winter formal at Westgate Sportsman Club. As the night progressed, he became very intoxicated to the point where they were asked to leave.

She continued to tell the officer that she and her boyfriend, who was of age, called a taxi, which drove them back to the residence hall. Her boyfriend was so intoxicated that he ignored her and wouldn’t speak to her.

According to the report, once they arrived at Chancellors Hall, the female subject could not convince him to come inside and go to bed. She said he began walking toward Sacred Heart.

The female subject told the officer the argument about his behavior had been purely verbal. She told the officer she was concerned because her boyfriend is from Mosinee, Wisconsin and doesn’t know the area.

She continued to tell the officer that when her boyfriend drinks he becomes a different person, but she had never seen him act in that way before. She said she did not want him to return to the room anymore due to his behavior.

Another officer went looking for the male subject and found him behind the McPhee Center on the wooden steps. The female officer made her way to the scene and observed the officer speaking to the male subject inside the main entrance.

The female officer noticed the male subject was highly intoxicated and not willing to answer the other officer’s questions. The male subject would not tell either officer who he was staying with or what had happened.

According to the report, the female officer observed the subject swaying back and forth while standing and stumbling. She observed him having difficulty loosening his tie and unbuttoning his dress shirt as he spoke to the officers.

One of the officers requested they pick up the male’s personal belongings from the female subject because he would be staying the night in a hotel.

According to the report the officers returned to Chancellors Hall where the female subject handed the officers multiple bags, shoes, an air mattress, his cell phone and wallet.


Deposit of human waste

At 9:26 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 8, a campus officer was walking to his squad car parking in the police stalls near Crest Wellness Center when he observed a male subject walk from Governors Hall toward Crest Wellness Center.

The male subject began walking to the open field behind Governors Hall. The officer followed him into the area and observed a yellow liquid in the snow and liquid splatter on the building.

According to the report, the officer went and made contact with the subject as he was walking east in the field. The male subject explained he really needed to use the bathroom and was waiting to meet people at Crest Wellness Center. He apologized for urinating on the building and was then escorted to the breezeway entrance of Crest Wellness Center.

The officer asked the subject if he had been consuming alcohol, which he said he had not. He told the officer he was going to attend an underage alcohol consumption class the following Saturday at 8 a.m. due to a prior citation he received.

According to the report, the subject was wearing a backpack and the officer asked the subject for consent to look inside to make sure alcohol was not inside. The subject denied this consent.

The officer issued the subject a citation for deposit of human waste with a fine amount of $263.50 and escorted him to the police department where the officer completed the citation.