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Campus police handles cases of four males urinating in the Chippewa River and a drunk male stumbling home from the bars

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Four males and the river

At 2:49 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 25, a campus police officer was conducting foot patrol along the bicycle trail near the north side of the university footbridge. He observed four males walk down the hillside underneath the footbridge toward the Chippewa River.

The officer watched as the males walked to the water’s edge, urinated and threw rocks. They remained there for about five minutes.

The officer made contact with them as they made their way back to the bike trail.

According to the report, the officer explained to the male subjects he was checking on their behavior because he saw them urinate into the river, which is unlawful.

The men apologized for doing so and the officer gave them a verbal warning. Odors of intoxicants were coming from their persons as they spoke.

According to the report, no one was extremely impaired, and all were of the legal drinking age. The males thanked the officer for making contact with them and left the area.


Intoxicated male swears at a police officer

At 12:54 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 22, a campus police officer was performing active patrol along the 100 block of Water Street when she observed a lone male subject walking on the sidewalk adjacent to the Haas Fines Arts Center.

The officer observed the male subject could not walk in a straight line but stumbled back and forth as he attempted to move forward. She then saw the subject veer into the grass and fall to his knees against a bus shelter.

According to the report, the male subject did not move from this position. The officer parked her squad car in the Haas loading zone and approached the subject on foot. She then observed the subject fall from a seated position onto the ground. He made no attempt to get up.

The officer announced her presence and asked the male if he was OK. The subject swore under his breath, but saw he was speaking to a police officer and stumbled to his feet.

He apologized and proceeded to call her “ma’am.”

The male subject, who was of legal drinking age, said he was walking from Brothers Bar to his house on State Street. He said he was “really drunk” after having a bad day at work, and he stopped walking so he could take a break.

According to the report, the officer told the subject she was checking on his welfare due to his stumbling and falling to the ground. She advised him it was 19 degrees out and said it was not safe for him to sleep outside. The subject said he didn’t realize it was that cold.

The officer told the subject she would give him a ride home so she would know he got home safely. The subject thanked her and agreed to a pat-down for weapons, but the officer didn’t locate anything.

During transport the subject told the officer he currently works at Bauer Built Tire in Durand, Wisconsin. He told the officer he is a former UW-Eau Claire student who lives with two other roommates.

According to the report, the subject was able to engage in conversation and answer various questions. The officer dropped the subject off at his house on State Street and watched him walk down the sidewalk to his front door.