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Don’t tell lies 

At 1:50 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 10, a student patrol member contacted campus police on the police radio and said there was a male subject attempting to get into the breezeway between the Old Library and Schofield Hall.

The student patrol member said the male appeared intoxicated and he could not understand what the subject was saying. According to the report, the male was yelling and pounding on the door in an attempt to get into the building.

Two campus officers approached the area from the west, parked the squad car and walked under the library, looking for the male subject.  One of the officers made contact with two males on the south side of Schofield Hall.

One unidentified male walked away stumbling before the other officer reached the area. According to the report, the subject’s words were slurred and he had frozen liquid on the front of his jacket.

The officer detected a strong odor of intoxicants coming from his person. The officers asked the male what he was doing, and he said he was trying to walk back to Sutherland Hall and go to bed.

According to the report, the subject denied yelling or pounding on doors to try to get into the building. However, it was later confirmed this male subject was the same one the student patrol member reported.

The officer asked the male for identification and when he said he did not have any, the officer asked how he would get into his residence hall. The subject said his residence hall knows who he is and they would let him in.

Without being asked, the subject told the officers he had been drinking that night and he was under 18 years old.

The subject kept putting his hands in his pockets, so one of the officers asked if he had any weapons. The subject said he did not. After asking for consent to pat him down, the officers found a wallet in his left front jacket pocket.

The officer observed a Michigan driver’s license inside with the subject’s name and date of birth, which read May 26, 1996. The officer asked the subject if the license was his and he said it was.

The officers asked how old he was, and the subject said he was 21. The officers then reminded him that he had previously told them he was 18.

One of the officers told the subject he was going to allow the subject to start over and tell the truth. He told the subject if he continued to say the ID was correct and was his, he would be facing a charge of Obstructing an Officer.

The subject said the ID was not correct and not his real one. He told the officers his actual date of birth and admitted to paying $60 for the fraudulent driver’s license.  He claimed to have gotten it from a friend.

The officer then found a UW-Eau Claire Blugold card and a Wisconsin Driver’s License with the correct information in the subject’s wallet.

The officer escorted the subject to his squad car and issued a citation to him for Underage Consumption of Alcohol­­ – first offense. He then told the subject he would be issuing him a citation for the fraudulent ID he possessed.  The officer said he would be seizing it to have it destroyed.

As the officer was giving the subject a ride to Sutherland Hall, the subject said he was unwilling to submit to a preliminary breath test. However, as they approached Sutherland Hall, the subject requested to do the test so he could have the plastic tube. A result of .21 was obtained.

When the subject exited the squad car and started to walk away he told the officer he was going to be honest with him and said he would continue to drink alcohol and that he would probably drink the next night as well.

The consequences of stealing

At 2:07 a.m on Sunday, Nov. 12., a campus officer was monitoring the construction zone on Garfield Avenue via the security cameras streaming online.

According to the report, the officer observed two male subjects walking on the sidewalk near Hibbard Hall. One subject stopped walking and began to lean his body on the fence, where he then took a stance as if he was about to urinate.

He then stopped and walked toward a bike rack near Zorn Arena where they officer observed him attempt to remove a bike from the rack but was unsuccessful due to the lock.

The subject found an unsecured bike, removed it from the rack and began riding it around.

The second male did not partake in this activity but walked ahead of his friend. According to the report, it seemed the male subject leading the way was upset with the other male who was riding the bike.

The officer entered campus mall in her squad car and got out near Schofield Hall, where she made contact with both subjects, who were identified as UW-Eau Claire students. The officer saw the bike had been dumped in the boulevard prior to her arrival.

The male riding the bike told the officer he was drunk and apologized. According to the report, he seemed upset with himself for his actions. The officer explained to him that she had watched him on the security cameras.

The subject apologized again and said he was visiting his high school friend and it wasn’t his intention to steal the bike.

He admitted he was fooling around and knew it wasn’t smart.

The officer detected a strong odor of intoxicants coming from both subjects and was told they were at a house party on Water Street.

Due to the cold weather and the fact one of the subjects had a T-shirt and shorts on, the officer suggested they talk inside Schofield Hall.

The officer observed both subjects had red bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils.

The subject who was riding the bike consented to a preliminary breath test and a .12 sample was obtained. The officer did not request the other male to submit one and explained she would only cite the male who was fooling around.

The officer asked if there was any alcohol in the drawstring bag he was carrying. The other male confirmed and removed a bottle of vodka from his bag.

After the half bottle of vodka was emptied out, the officer issued a citation for Underage Drinking – first offense to the male who was acting foolish, with a bond amount of $263.50.

The officer placed the bike back in the rack and checked for damage but did not locate any.

Due to the cold weather, the officer provided both subjects a ride back to Kaarlgard Towers Hall North where they live.