Police Blotter

This week campus police found drug paraphernalia, arrested a male for a valid warrant and helped an emotional student lying on the sidewalk

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Handcuffed and arrested

At 6:53 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 4, a campus officer was dispatched to a drug case in Murray Hall. The officer met with the complainant, the resident assistant on duty, where she told the officer she could smell the odor of burnt marijuana coming from one of the rooms on the fourth floor.

The officer made his way to the suspected room on the fourth floor and detected a faint smell of burnt marijuana. According to the report, he could hear someone inside the room approach the door and look out the peephole.

The officer heard a lot of whispering and movement inside, so he decided to knock on the door. He said he heard the sound of dresser doors opening and closing, which made him believe someone inside was hiding items.

Approximately 30 seconds after he knocked,  a female subject opened the door. She was the resident of the room and allowed the officer to enter.

Inside, the female subject was with a male subject who was not a UW-Eau Claire student. The officer explained to the subjects that he smelled the marijuana odor and heard the sounds of the drawers opening and closing.

The female subject admitted marijuana had recently been used. She retrieved a purse from inside her closet where she took out a glass jar that had two metal pipes inside. The pipes were painted to look like cigarettes. She also took out a green glass pipe. There was black burnt residue found in all three pipes.

She told the officer the pipes were the only paraphernalia she had in the room. The officer asked about the sound of drawers opening and closing at which point she said she attempted several hiding places before using the purse in the closet.

The female subject did not have a roommate. The officer asked for permission to search her room to verify there were not more items but did not locate any additional items of interest.

The female subject told the officer she and the male subject smoked outside and did not smoke after returning to the room. According to the report, she told the officer she owned the pipes and that she smoked one bowl while outside. The male subject admitted to smoking out of the same bowl with her and had approximately three hits.

The officer found both subjects did not have any prior drug violations and neither have any criminal histories. However, the male subject did have a valid warrant for his arrest out of the Chippewa County for failure to pay child support.

The warrant was body or bond of $1,904.31. The male subject told the officer he and his child’s mother had worked it out, so he didn’t have to pay child support anymore. The officer asked him if he advised or “Okayed” the court of this and the subject said he did not.

According to the report, the officer told the male subject he would have to take him into custody for the warrant.

The male subject told the officer he did not know if he would be able to post bond or not.

The officer completed the paperwork for the Eau Claire County Diversion Program for both subjects and they both agreed to participate in the program. Although the male subject had the arrest warrant for child support, his criminal record was clean and he only had traffic related issues on his record, so the officer still offered him the diversion program.

The female subject was diverted for the Use of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and the male subject was diverted for Use of Marijuana.

After taking the paraphernalia, the officer escorted the male subject out of the building and into his squad car. The officer transported the male subject to the Eau Claire County Jail where he was then released into the custody of the Jail Officers for processing.

According to the report, both subjects were cooperative during the contact.


Need some alone time

Around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 5, two campus officers were on foot patrol near the Haas Fine Art Center where they heard the sound of someone crying near the Human Sciences and Services parking lot.

One of the officers observed a male subject lying on the sidewalk on the south end of the parking lot crying loudly and talking to himself.

The officers made contact with the male subject. After the officers asked him if he was okay, the subject said he was emotional because his dog was euthanized about a week prior.

As he was talking to the officers, the subject was swaying from side to side as he stood, so it appeared he had been consuming alcohol. He told the officers he did not have too much to drink but said that alcohol consumption was one of the reasons he was so emotional.

The subject lives in Oak Creek but was in Eau Claire visiting a friend who lived on 8th Avenue. According to the report, he was with some friends at The Pickle, and when he felt he was getting too emotional and needed to cry, he left the bar to be alone.

As the officers were talking to the subject, his friends were calling and texting him. He was able to answer all of the officers’ questions without any difficulty and although was intoxicated was able to care for himself.

The subject’s plan was to meet back up with his friends at Dooley’s Pub, and he told the officers he didn’t plan on drinking any more alcohol that night.

The officers thanked the subject for his cooperation. The subject then started walking toward Water Street to meet up with his friends and the officers cleared the scene.