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Campus police tackles increased instances of trespassing in the construction zone and underage drinking

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Two driver’s licenses, one name

A UW-Eau Claire campus police officer confiscated a fraudulent driver’s license and gave a citation for possession of a fraudulent license at approximately 7:17 p.m Saturday, April 1.

The officer was at the intersection of Putnam Drive and Garfield Avenue observing pedestrian and vehicle traffic when he observed a group of five females walking within the fenced off construction zone of the 100-block of Garfield Avenue toward the footbridge.

The officer had parked in the Ecumenical Religious Center lot and conducted foot patrol along the sidewalk when he observed they were now walking toward him.

The officer made contact with the females and explained he was stopping them for trespassing in the construction zone.

One of the females, a student at Eau Claire, said she and her friends were unsure how to get up the hill and that she had previously seen other people walking in the construction zone.

The other four females, according to the report, stated they were not Eau Claire students and were just in town to celebrate their friend’s birthday.

The female Eau Claire student pulled out a pink wallet to show the officer some identification and give him her Blugold card. However, while she was removing the Blugold card, the officer observed the student remove and attempt to conceal cards that appeared to be driver’s licenses.

She originally stated the cards were not driver’s licenses, but then handed the officer a valid Wisconsin driver’s license and a fraudulent Illinois driver’s license, both in the name of another female in the group.

The fraudulent Illinois driver’s license had a date of birth from 1994 while the valid Wisconsin driver’s license with the same name had a 1995 birth year.

The officer asked the female whose name was on the cards what state she is actually from, to which she originally stated Illinois, but then admitted to living in Wisconsin.

The female said she was keeping them in the pink wallet because her friend could not hold onto them.

After observing that the friend with the driver’s license was wearing a brown purse that could easily hold the small pink wallet, the officer detected a slight odor of intoxicants coming from each female.

The females stated they had not consumed any alcohol.

The officer informed the Eau Claire student holding onto the licenses he would be issuing her a citation for possessing fraudulent identification.

The female whose name was on the cards was given her valid Wisconsin driver’s license back while the officer kept possession of the fraudulent Illinois driver’s license.

After the officer asked the female if she had any alcohol in the brown bag she was carrying, she opened the bag and showed him a bag of wine that was approximately one-third full.

According to the report, the officer then spoke with her about the legal issues of obtaining and possessing multiple drivers licenses and providing alcohol to individuals under the legal drinking age.

The officer verbally warned the group for trespassing into the construction zone and also spoke with them regarding underage drinking.

Abandon marijuana

At approximately 5:35 p.m. Saturday, a complainant contacted campus police in regard to a Nalgene water bottle found off of the vita course trail along Simpson Field, which contained marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Upon meeting the complainant, the officer was given the Nalgene water bottle, which contained a blue glass pipe, a wooden dugout with a one-hitter pipe and a plastic bag that contained green plant material.

The complainant stated these items were located on the hillside of Putnam Park and had been found approximately ten minutes before contacting campus police.

The officer went to check the location where the Nalgene water bottle was found but did not find any other suspicious illegal items.

A man and his beer bong walk through campus

Campus police issued an underage citation to a male Eau Claire student at approximately 6:56 p.m. Saturday

The officer was conducting patrol, traveling toward Garfield Avenue from Putnam Drive when he observed a male getting up from the ground near the northwest entrance to Putnam Hall.

He also observed the unknown male walking at a fast pace from his location toward the Garfield Avenue Hill, carrying what appeared to be a beer bong made from a large funnel and a plastic hose.

After making contact with the male subject, the officer noticed he was attempting to conceal a 16-ounce can of Coors Light beer.

According to the report, the man said he had been on the ground after he had shotgunned a beer, which explained the dirt on his clothes and smell of intoxicants.

The officer requested the subject hand over the can of beer, which he then emptied out onto the ground.

The male subject admitted to consuming two beers and did not have any more alcohol in his possession.
After submitting to a preliminary breath test, the male subject obtained a .19 result and was issued an underage alcohol consumption citation – first offense with a bond amount of $263.50.