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Campus police handle a disorderly conduct between a couple and caught students trespassing on the construction zone over spring break

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Just make up your mind

UW-Eau Claire Police received a phone call from a female student to file a complaint against her boyfriend March 17 at 3:15 a.m. in Chancellors Hall.

The female student informed the communication center her boyfriend would not leave her room after being asked to do so.

Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the male in question, who was sitting in a chair located near the main entrance of the building, and explained to him the reason he was there.

According to the report, the officer immediately observed the subject’s eyes to be red and glossy in appearance.

The male subject advised the officer he and his girlfriend had been in a verbal argument which lasted approximately ten minutes. The two were arguing because she was unable to decide whether she wanted him to stay the night in her apartment or have him return home.  

According to the male subject, the argument did not become physical at any time and was extremely “high schoolish” in nature.

The subject told the officer he and his girlfriend typically have verbal arguments when either side doesn’t immediately make up their mind when making decisions.

According to the report, the subject informed the officer he had been with his girlfriend for the past three days and was not sure if she wanted him to stay the night, in fear that she would become sick of him.

Because of the subject’s reasoning on the matter and due to the fact he had been drinking earlier in the night, his girlfriend became upset as he couldn’t make up his mind on if he was going to stay the night or not.

The officer asked the subject how many intoxicating beverages he had consumed, to which he stated he had a single shot of tequila, three beers and an Irish car bomb, shared between both El Patio and The Pickle.

After being asked to submit to a preliminary breath test (PBT), the subject gave consent and received a reading of 0.17.

According to the report, the officer and the subject made their way upstairs to his girlfriend’s apartment. The officer asked the subject to wait outside her apartment near the elevators so he could speak to the girlfriend in private.

The subject’s girlfriend advised the officer she had been in a “simple verbal argument” with her boyfriend, at which point she asked him to leave her room. She stated he would not leave her apartment due to his “drinking attitude” and being intoxicated.

She also told the officer she was upset due to his intoxication level and decided to call the police to come and remove him from her apartment. He immediately left after she was finished on the phone.  

The female subject stated she couldn’t deal with her boyfriend at the time and just wanted him to leave for the night and get home safe.

After finishing his conversation with the female subject and having her complete a written statement of  what happened that night, the officer made contact with the boyfriend and asked if he could request a taxi to bring him home.

Approximately five minutes later, the taxicab arrived on scene and picked up the intoxicated subject to bring him safely back to his apartment at Haymarket Landing.

No trespassing

Campus police handed out citations for underage drinking to two male subjects trespassing the Garfield Avenue construction site on at approximately 1:11 a.m., on March 26.

According to the report, two campus police officers were conducting foot patrol along 100 Garfield Ave. near Hibbard Hall where they observed two males walking south on the University footbridge.

The officers saw both of the male subjects climb over the railing of the footbridge and enter the construction zone.

A large portion of the 100 block of Garfield Ave. was fenced off from west of Zorn Arena to the base of the Garfield Avenue hill.  This fencing extended up the ramp of the footbridge to prohibit people from climbing the railing and entering the construction site.

The officers drove to the base of the hill and made contact with the two male subjects as they exited the construction area through a small gap in the fencing.  

Campus police informed the subjects entering the construction site was not allowed, as it was considered trespassing and potentially very dangerous.

Both of the male subjects stated they did not know how to get back to Chancellors Hall from the end of the footbridge ramp since they had driven off campus to a friend’s house.

After the officers asked why they were walking back and not driving, the students stated it was because they had consumed alcohol. Both students admitted to drinking approximately five beers each, according to the report.

Both of the subjects were under 21.

The officers walked the subjects over to their squad car and performed a PBT where one subject obtained a 0.02 result, while the other received 0.07.

A citation for underage alcohol consumption second offense was given to the subject who blew a 0.02 with a fine amount of $389.50.

The subject who blew a 0.07 received a first offense underage alcohol citation with a fine amount of $263.50.