Movin’ the Chainz: Episode 1

Story by Eric Christenson, David Heiling, and Chris Reinoos


Movin’ the Chains is a weekly podcast run by three cool dudes who talk about a lot of absurd things and then eventually talk seriously about Fantasy Football.  Have fun and listen!

  • Davo secretly eats Ritz crackers the entire podcast.
  • Eric played Adrian Peterson in three leagues and is super proud.
  • The dudes read the lyrics to Reel to Real’s “I Like to Move It”.
  • Davo uses the word “tuddy” to mean TD to mean touchdown.
  • A lot of variations on the name Kerry Collins
  • RGIII had a ridiculous first regular season performance.
  • Russell Wilson and younger QBs do OK, while Peyton Manning, Randy Moss and older players do fairly well.
  • Eric’s Top 5 trick plays
  • Eric makes assumptions about the movie “Obsessed” starring Beyoncé.