Bachelor Breakdown: Episode 7

The final six vie for Peter’s heart

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A red rose.

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We are starting off week seven of “The Bachelor” in Lima, Peru. The first one-on-one date goes to my frontrunner, Madison. Peter and Madison go fishing for their date, which I think was just an excuse to get the iconic boat make-out scene that is a necessity in every bachelor season. The date was pretty uneventful and I had a hard time focusing on the conversations happening because of the amount of times the word “like” was used by Madison. 

Then we get to the dinner part of the date. Madison reveals that religion is very important to her and wants that in her future partner and family. While this is happening, I can only imagine what’s going on in Peter’s head. He’s thinking about how to tell Madison that he’s not super religious without ruining their connection. He somehow finds a way to do so. 

Then, the most shocking part of the date: Peter tells Madison he’s falling in love with her … And she doesn’t say it back! I believe this is a first in “Bachelor” history. I don’t know if I should be worried that Madison’s not feeling the same way or if she just wasn’t expecting to hear that and didn’t know how to respond. Anyway, she gets the rose, obviously, and she is safe for hometowns.

Hannah Ann announces the next one-on-one date and butchers a simple Spanish sentence. Natasha will go on the date. This is her first one-on-one all season and going into the date, I was very hesitant. I think Natasha is a great person and I want to be friends with her, I just haven’t seen a great connection with Peter. 

So, during this date, Natasha and Peter were walking through a Lima marketplace and happened across a band playing. Peter danced for what seems like the twentieth time this season. At the dinner portion of the date, Peter said what we all are thinking: This is more of a friendship than a romantic relationship. And Natasha goes home. 

Here comes the melodramatic transition! A full orchestra is playing for no one. Peter appears on the balcony above. He holds the orphaned rose and looks longingly into nothingness. 

Then we get a one-on-one date with Kelsey. I think I am in the minority when I say I don’t like Kelsey. After the beginning of the season, many people think she redeemed herself. I think it was just a red flag and it’s just drama that’s bound to come out eventually. 

So on their date, they go on ATVs, drive in the hills of Peru and run up a mountain. They have deep chat about what they want in life. From my perspective, it didn’t line up very well. Peter wanted to continue going on these fun adventures and Kelsey said she wanted a job and to stay home with her kids. Peter and Kelsey didn’t seem to notice this though. 

Back at the dinner portion of the date, Kelsey is already crying before the dinner even started. 

Am I surprised? No. 

She then told Peter about her estranged father and how she is in contact with him without her mother’s knowledge. I really hope she told her mom before this episode aired because if not … that’s the real drama. 

Kelsey ended up getting the rose so she will move on to next week.

For the final date of the week, the three remaining ladies are going on a three-on-one. Three people go into the date and only two come out. This competition is really bringing out the petty side in Kelley. 

In the past, I thought she was kind of boring and didn’t really fit the reality show vibe, but obviously Peter saw something in her to keep her around. At one point she casually made a comment to the other girls that she was tempted to throw them under a bus. Classy, Kelley! 

For the date, they went into a random chapel garden. Not really sure what that was about, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s just a backdrop to the love and heartbreak.

In the interviews, Kelley was becoming increasingly overconfident and ultimately just being rude to the other girls by calling them names and explaining how much better she was than them. 

Hannah Ann got pulled aside by Peter and it took her about two seconds to start crying. She read Peter a note about all the reasons she’s falling for him and at this point I think she’s got it in the bag.

Then Peter talked to Victoria, who was melting down even before she saw Peter. 

Am I seeing a theme in Peter’s taste in women? To me, Victoria seems like she’s not at all into the relationship. She barely made eye contact with Peter and was accusing him of being in “a mood.” Then she opened up about how she closes him off because she’s afraid of losing him. I didn’t think it was enough to keep the drama around, but apparently Peter did because he gave her the rose. 

Finally, Kelley and Hannah Ann are left. I was at the edge of my seat hoping he would send Kelley home instead of Hannah Ann. I was so confident at first, but Peter has pulled the rug out from under me too many times. 

Thankfully, Kelley was sent home still mumbling about how she’s superior to everyone else there. 

So, we are down to our final four. Madison, Kelsey, Victoria and Hannah Ann. Next week, we will be travelling to their hometowns where we are sure to find more love, heartbreak, and most importantly, DRAMA.

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