“Her” in review

Campus film series to start this weekend

Her in review

This weekend marks the beginning of the Woodland Theater in Davies Student Center showing movies each Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the semester. To kick off the semester-long series, the movie “Her” will be featured.

“Her” is about a lonely man equipped with advanced technology in the future. In his computer, along with an ear piece, is a talking operating system – similar to Siri for Apple, except more personable. This man, named Theodore Twombly, develops a relationship with his operating system, Samantha, after his marriage fails.

The failed marriage prompts Twombly to befriend Samantha because he finds a connection with her. As the plot progresses, we learn more about the two through frequent conversations, each getting more and more personable. The whole movie builds up to an issue dealing with their newfound relationship, forcing them to eventually confront it.

“Her” was released in October 2013 at the New York Film Festival and boasts veteran actresses such as Scarlett Johansson (Samantha), Joaquin Phoenix (Twombly), Amy Adams, Rooney Mara and Olivia Wilde.

Before watching the movie, I had no clue what it would be about. My friend told me it was about a man who falls in love with an operating system, and told me to picture Siri. Confused as to how this could be made into a decent movie, I tried to keep an open mind.

Since the movie is set in the future, it was a hard concept for me to grab, no matter how realistic it seems. Sure, Siri is similar to Samantha, but there are so many differences.

Mainly, no one can have a meaningful conversation with Siri; she’s simply there to give the information. Samantha’s main function is to do the same, but she took a distinct interest in Twombly, and it made a huge difference.

I also found myself asking many questions throughout the movie, but some are probably too perplexing to discuss.

Overall, the movie was fairly good, and many online critics agreed. Rotten Tomato’s overall score was 94 percent, Metacritic scored a 90 percent for overall quality of the movie and Internet Movie Database gave the lowest score, critiquing the movie at about 81 percent.

The reviews on IMDB were really well thought out, with many people pouring more into the review than a typical “I like this movie, everyone should watch it.”

People gave reasons why it was a good movie to see, as one reviewer noted it was director “… Spike Jonze’s finest film yet.”

Opposite to the previous review, someone noted “two hours of watching Theodore talking to himself/Samantha was hard to enjoy.”

Like any other movie, there will be people who like it and people who don’t. The only way to really tell is to go to the movie and be the judge.