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There’s no secret about the production value of Kanye West’s most recent release, “Yeezus.” It’s what he’s known for.

What is less spoken for are the 25 heavy-weight producers who
collaborated with Kanye on the album’s ten tracks — including rising hip-hop beat  odyssey Arca.

“Yeezus” isn’t exactly relevant to his bold  25-minute mix titled “&&&&&,” but Arca will gladly use the buzz to catch fire in the
dub genre.

The Venezuelan producer, now based out of New York, took a proactive approach to this window for publicity by making “&&&&&” his first official release minus a pair of free EPs while still under the radar in 2012.

I was blown away by the diversity on this mix — if I hadn’t known better I would assume it was created by a handful of   different artists.

Arca, who acquaints himself to listeners as a sort of one-man show, manages to draw from a surprising amount of influences in the dub genre that culminate into an in-your-face sound.

From start to finish, the Clive Davis Institute graduate possesses subtle, slow-churning rhythms you’d find on a Shlohmo record and at other times is bursting at the seams with a robust Flying  Lotus-esque sound.

This is without a doubt one of the most ambitious production of the year; the “woah dude” factor is fully present. For how far ahead of his time he’s sitting, Arca still has plenty of room
to grow.

Until the release of his 2014 LP though, Arco will build on his mysterious image by covering a lot of ground and not leaving many tracks — good luck attending his only listed show later this month
in Poland.

Download “&&&&&” for free, out now on UNO NYC and Hippos in Tanks.