Sushi-Do: A Review



Credibility: I will admit that I am a newbie to sushi. At first, eating raw fish just didn’t sit well with me, but after three years of friendship a pal of mine (you know who you are!), managed to convince me to jump in feet first. Now, I’m addicted. I’ve even tried raw eel.

Sushi-Do is the newest addition to Blugold Dining’s spread of options in the Davies Center meals.

The unique campus addition has taken place of the original location of Caribou Coffee (to the left of the main dining). Don’t worry kids! Caribou moved to the right of the main dining in a larger area.

My favorite part about the sushi place is the price. I order a California Roll, received nine pieces of sushi and only paid $5. I will repeat $5. If you haven’t tried sushi before but always wanted to give it a shot, this is a perfect opportunity without your bank account taking a huge hit.

I finished my entire tray (because that’s the way I roll … get it?) and didn’t feel lethargic or down at all. It was so refreshing to have a lighter, healthier option for lunch. Obviously, there is salad bar, but you can only eat fancy lettuce so many times. The avocado was fresh, the rice wasn’t overcooked and the line was super quick.

I heard from friends that their sushi was made right in front of them, but mine was not. In Sushi-Do’s defense I did eat there right around the lunch rush, so it’s understandable that they had a little bit of food pre-prepared.

The packaging items are not compostable yet, but Christian Wise, director of Blugold Dining said they are looking at changing this soon.

Sushi-Do offers tasty food, student friendly prices and they even provided chopsticks, trays for soy sauce, wasabi and ginger! No complaints here.