Faculty show first at Foster


While geology professors are researching rock compositions and English professors are writing short stories, professors in the Haas Fine Arts building are sculpting, drawing and creating art.

The Foster Art Gallery is opening its doors up for a new school year, opening tonight, is displaying UW-Eau Claire’s annual faculty art show.

Gallery Director Tom Wagner said each artist typically displays one to three pieces of art, meaning there are 30 to 40 pieces on display for this show.

“It gives our students the opportunity to see what our faculty are up to in their own art,” Wagner said. “All of our studio faculty are artists in their own right.”

Typically, the gallery features a theme among the art but this show is an array of mediums and subjects from watercolor paintings to sculptures and sketches and everything in between.

“We have paintings, printmaking, illustrations, ceramics, sculptures, you name it,” Wagner said.

He said one of the artists is a professor from the computer science department, but otherwise the artists are all located in Haas Fine Arts Center.

The Foster Art Gallery has been on campus since the 1970s, Wagner said. The faculty show typically starts off the season to give students a chance to get to know their professors outside of the classroom.

“You can go to your classes and see what your professors have to say and make some art during class and when you are done, you know a lot about art,” Wagner said. “But if you take advantage of art exhibitions and really immerse yourself in art you suddenly become a whole lot more knowledgeable.”

Sculpture Instructor, Kate Casanova first started at Eau Claire in the fall 2013 semester and is displaying a two-dimensional work called “Floating World in Purple,” a combination of crystals and sea life.

“I think the show will be a great way to connect with students and faculty,” Casanova said. “I just think it’s going to be a great collection of work. I know I’m with some talented individuals.”

Casanova said she is hoping to connect with students and faculty at the show.

Associate lecturer, David Brock, is displaying two acrylic on panel called “Parcel.” This will be his fourth show in the four years he has taught at Eau Claire. Brock said he likes the opportunity to humanize himself with the students.

Wagner said students of any major can come to the show and opening reception to gain connections and learn from the art.

“By going to art exhibitions, even if you are a math major or a science major, you learn critical thinking skills, you learn observation skills, you really learn how to critique artwork,” Wagener said. “And it starts making you start thinking about what’s important to you in a visual sense.”