Say Goodbye to Summer

    A small playlist inspired by our staff’s favorite summer songs.


    The leaves are just beginning to change. Those scorching hot ninety degree days are fewer and farther between. Lazy days by the pool are now replaced by quizzes and papers.

     Don’t worry though, because the dog days of summer can still be remembered through the music you were listening to during them. 

    The Spectator came together and made a playlist of our favorite songs of the summer. Including selections from varying artists and genres, it’s a little eclectic, but each song gives you a different piece of summer. 

    Remember those sandy beaches and salty oceans with a song like “Cali Girl” by Papa Ya. 

    Recall breezy, warm nights with songs like “Cherry” by Harry Styles. All in all, this playlist comes together as a beautiful requiem for summer.

    Listen to it here.

    Obadiya can be reached at [email protected].