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McKenna Dirks

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3rd and Vine
April 5, 2022

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No Life Alert here

On Oct. 10 at approximately 10:27 p.m., an officer was dispatched to a bicycle-vehicle crash that occurred earlier that night. The officer contacted the complainant, Subject 1, via phone.

Subject 1 said that he was riding his bicycle home around 10:00 p.m. when he was struck by a white SUV. He said that the SUV drove off and he was unable to see any identifying information.

Subject 1 said he had been in the median in the Philips parking lot and was attempting to travel northbound through the marked crosswalk near Davies Student Center. He said when he was checking for traffic, he observed a vehicle traveling towards him, but believed he had enough time to get across the roadway.

While he was in the crosswalk, Subject 1 said his bicycle was struck near the back tire. He said due to this, his bike was pushed sideways and he fell to the ground. He said he had some scrapes on his knee, but did not sustain any other injuries from the fall.

Subject 1 said when he looked at the vehicle that had hit him, he observed it slow down, but then began to speed away. He said that he could only identify the vehicle as a white SUV. He then said he rode his bicycle home.

Subject 1 said he did not believe his bicycle obtained any damage. The officer then asked Subject 1 if they could come to his residence so they could take pictures of his injuries, and Subject 1 agreed.

The officer traveled to Subject 1’s residence and met with him. They observed Subject 1 to have a large abrasion on his knee that was bleeding. The officer asked if Subject 1 wanted EMS and he refused.

The officer asked Subject 1 if this injury was because of the accident, and he said it was. The officer then took a photograph of this injury and asked if Subject 1 had any other injuries, and he said he did not.

Subject 1 then showed the officer his bicycle and said he did not see any damage that had occurred to it, and when he rode it the rest of the way home, it functioned normally.

The officer answered Subject 1’s questions and cleared. They performed a records check of Subject 1, and he returned valid with no wants and not on probation.

The officer then returned to the UW-Eau Claire Police Department to check the security camera system. They were unable to locate the crash on camera.

No further information was given at this time.

Back out, black out

On Oct. 13 at 12:20 a.m., an officer (1) heard a second officer with ECPD call out on the radio that he was in a foot pursuit near 300 Hudson Street.

Officer 1 later heard a third officer with ECPD who said the male appeared to be heading back towards campus. Officer 3 described the male as having a gray sweatshirt, blue jeans and carrying a black backpack.

Officer 1 was conducting stationary patrol along 100 Water Street looking for the male subject. They then heard a fourth officer say he was out with a male matching the description given at the south end of the footbridge.

Officer 1 traveled to the location and observed Officer 4 out with the male subject. The male subject said he was not the male that ran from officers on Hudson Street.

Officer 1 said he appeared to be intoxicated as he was swaying while standing and was slurring his words while talking. They also detected the odor of intoxicants coming from the male subject’s breath.

Officer 4 asked the male subject for his identification, and he asked the officer for help locating his wallet. While searching through the male subjects backpack, Officer 4 located two plastic water bottles with liquid in them.

The male subject said one bottle was Powerade and Bang energy drink, and the other bottle contained iced tea and rum. Officer 4 later observed as the male subject dumped both bottles out. The male subject’s wallet was never found.

A fifth officer conducted a preliminary breath test on the male subject, and they said the male subject had a .152 BAC.

Officer 1 conducted a records check on the male subject, and it returned with no warrants and he was not on paper with no prior underage drinking offenses.

Officer 2 arrived on scene to see if the male subject was the individual who ran from them, and they said he was not.

Officer 1 then issued an underage drinking/possession citation of $263.50 to the male subject and explained to him the alcohol offender’s program. Officer 1 answered his questions then cleared the scene.

Making my way downtown

On Oct. 13 at approximately 3:00 a.m., an officer said he had located multiple Verbatim brand CDs on vehicle windshields located in the Towers parking lot.

The officer said they had been conducting random vehicle patrol within the Towers lot when they observed the CDs under the windshield wiper blades of numerous vehicles. The officer said they were unable to locate the subject who had been distributing the CDs.

The officer had removed one of the CDs from a vehicle’s windshield, and showed it to a second officer. Officer 2 observed the CD to have the subjects name on it.

Officer 2 observed that the CD had eight songs listed as being burned onto the disc. They said the songs were listed as being: 1. The Sauce, 2. Sun Don’t Shine, 3. Peace of Mind, 4. Da Funky Chicken, 5. Stank Ho!, 6. DEEZ Nuts, 7. By da Fire and 8. Wet Wet.

Officer 2 also observed an email address on the bottom of a business card that had been placed within the disc sleeve.

On Oct 14. at around 5:00 p.m., the first officer stated above said that UW-Eau Claire’s parking supervisor had sent them an email regarding the CDs being left on several vehicles in the Davies parking lot.

Officer 2 contacted the communication center and requested an in-house check on the subject. The communication center said they were unable to locate any information regarding the subject, and that the ECPD did not have any cases that were similar in nature. Officer 2 then conducted a search through CampS, but was unsuccessful in locating the subject.

Officer 2 searched the subjects name on the internet and observed that he was a Hip Hop artist out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They said they could not locate any contact information for the subject.

An email was sent to the subject by the email listed on the business card in the CD cases regarding this case, Officer 2 said. In the email, they said such acts were considered ordinance violations, such as soliciting or littering, that could be enforced.

Officer 2 requested that the subject contact the UW-Eau Claire Police Department’s primary squad cell phone to discuss this case.

No further information is available at this time.

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