Major League Baseball hits it off

    The MLB season is underway along with many expectations

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    The Minnesota Twins, along with many other Major League Baseball teams, began the season this past Thursday.

    The beginning of spring marks more than just anticipated warm weather and sunny skies: Last Thursday, March 29, also marked the beginning of the new Major League Baseball season.

    Thursday marked the earliest opening day in the league’s history. Of the numerous teams, the Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers will have their fair share of supporters from UW-Eau Claire, as most Eau Claire students are from either Minnesota or Wisconsin.

    In the first game of the season, the Twins went against the Baltimore Orioles and dominated the field with a score of 7-0 while Milwaukee faced off against the San Diego Padres where the Brewers won 7-3.

    Milwaukee last made it to the National League Championship Series (NLCS) in 2011 where they lost 2-4 to the St. Louis Cardinals.

    However, the Brewers gained new players this season, including Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain, switching out four top prospects in order to gain the two new recruits. One Eau Claire student said she hopes this is what turns the tide.

    “It brings me a lot of hope that they’ll do really good,” said Claire Fabian, a first-year communication sciences and disorders student. “It’s got to be their time.”

    Minnesota Twins fans were thrilled on Thursday when Eddie Rosario of the Twins appeared to hit a home run, only for it to be stolen by the Orioles’ right fielder, Craig Gentry. This let down is reminiscent of the Twins’ recent struggles, as the Twins trail behind historically when it comes to making it to the League Champion Series. Their last visit to the League Championship Series was in 2002, and their last journey to the League Divisional Series was in 2010.

    However, this does not deter the Twins’s loyal fans, one Twins supporter said.

    “I hope that they win more,” said Alyssa Mammel, a first-year nursing student.

    She said it seems unlikely that they will make it to the League Championship Series, even though that is the “patriotic” hope of Twins fans. Since the Twins made the playoffs last season, there could be hope.

    The Chicago Cubs and the Miami Marlins hit things closer to home (no pun intended) on opening day when they showed their support for the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which recently underwent a school shooting that left seventeen dead.

    The Marlins wore patches on their jerseys in acknowledgement, and the Cubs wore shirts referencing the school during practice. The first baseman on the Cubs, Anthony Rizzo, was a graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and he has made his outreach for his former school well known, especially when he skipped portions of his spring training to be closer to the school. Both teams were also silent for seventeen seconds in recognition of those killed, and victims of the shootings were invited to pregame.

    “I think it’s cool that they collaborated,” Fabian said. “It’s cool how they seize the day.”

    Fabian emphasized how great it was that the Cubs and Marlins took the opportunity to reach out to students affected by the school shooting.

    “Maybe I should convert to being a Cubs fan,” Fabian added with a laugh.

    Regardless of what team Eau Claire students cheer for, the upcoming season is sure to be a hit.