Womens soccer scores late in draw

With two seconds left on the clock in regulation, the UW-Eau Claire women’s soccer team sunk a goal to force the game into double overtime, leading to an eventual 1-1 tie against Augsburg College (Minn.) on Sept 7.

In the last 10 seconds of the match sophomore defender Ashley Seymour sent a shot sailing to the goal, which deflected off an Augsburg player and into the back of the net to keep Eau Claire’s undefeated season alive.

Yengo said this is exactly why you can never give up during a game.

“I just kept turning to the bench saying you have to believe, you have to believe,” Yengo said. “You just never know.”

The late goal sent the game into two 10-minute overtime periods, but neither team was able to snag another goal. Eau Claire is now 2-0-1 for the 2013-2014 season the season while Augsburg is now 2-0-3.

Yengo said that Augsburg was tough competition and the team is satisfied to walk away from the game with a tie.

“It was an effort,” Yengo said. “They just never stopped playing. It’s a tremendous feeling to score late in the game to tie it up.”

Blugold goalie Nina Behrenbrinker played all 110 minutes of the game recorded 10 saves.

Behrenbrinker was chosen as a Conference Player of the week because of her performances in the last two games against Augsburg and Hamline University (Minn.) on Sept. 4.

The first goal wasn’t scored until 67:48 of the second half by Augsburg’s Maris Bolender. The Blugolds took seven shots in the first period and Augsburg took eight. Eau Claire had six shots in the second half, zero in the first overtime and two in the second.  Augsburg had nine, seven and three, respectively.

In total, Augsburg took 27 shots, while Eau Claire shot 15.

Yengo said said Augsburg sent a lot of shots at the Bluoglds but, Eau Claire goalie senior Nina Behrenbrinker did a great job blocking.

Behrenbrinker played all 110 minutes and recorded 10 saves and was nominated as a conference player of the week.

“She was a big reason why we stayed in the game. She came up with some really big saves.”

On Wednesday night, the Blugolds played St. Olaf (Minn.) to a 0-0 tie to remain undefeated.