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Running releases a chemical in the body called endorphins, according to WebMD. Endorphins interact with the body's response to pain and trigger a positive feeling — runner's high. The feeling of euphoria could be one reason runners go the extra mile.

Vigor in the Valley

November 14, 2018

 The Eau Claire Marathon, which took place last Sunday, featured nearly 5,000 runners with a diversity of backgrounds, body types and abilities.

Right for running

May 8, 2018

The Road to 26.2

Story by Courtney Kueppers, Copy Editor

February 6, 2014

Having the gear is sometimes half the fun of being a runner. Certainly all runners know the joy of a new pair of shoes. Lately it has been all about quantity of gear. It’s like I’m playing a game of how many layers can I put on...

Road to 26.2

Story by Courtney Kueppers, Copy Editor

January 23, 2014

First of all, you must know I’m no all-star runner. There is no reason to believe I am somehow more qualified to run a marathon than anyone else. I decided to go out for the ridiculous sport that is cross country when I was...

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