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Seeking Solace

Seeking Solace

March 11, 2019

The challenges and rewards of student internships

Story by Katy Macek, Currents Editor

September 24, 2014

Back to school means more than just classes for many college students. It can also mean learning how to balance work, school and, for some, internships.   Tackling the workload can be a lot, but the ability to get experience in...

The internship: unfair, exploitative and necessary

Story by Alex Zank, Freelancer

October 24, 2013

With ongoing national discussion of the legal gray area that is the internship, it’s important to keep in mind that although there are tremendous benefits, these benefits should be legally ensured to outweigh the cost. For...

Experiencing the stepping stone

Story by Nick Erickson, Sports Editor

October 10, 2013

Students are constantly told internships spark careers. But this process can be stressful. On career day at UW-Eau Claire, hundreds of students on campus don suits and professional dresses with the hopes of obtaining a career...

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