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Baseball players looking forward to the finishing season

Ella Freeman

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Across the Pond
April 28, 2024

Photo by Tim Fader, UWEC Athletics

UW-Eau Claire baseball is about two months into the season, and they have played 12 games so far. Their upcoming doubleheader had been postponed twice now, with no rescheduled date at this time. 

Eau Claire has lost 7 of the 12 games they have played so far this season. 

Andrew Murphy, a third-year finance student, said he is hopeful for upcoming games. 

“The team has matured more in the last two years; the younger guys are starting to grow up and take a bigger role in the team and we’re starting to figure out how the game is treated as an older player,” Murphy said. 

According to Murphy, the team is looking to improve by creating a more well-rounded team and specifically looking to work on the team’s at-bats. 

“We need to still improve, make the plays we should make as a college baseball team, make all the plays that come to us, we’re all still working on that,” Murphy said. 

Murphy said one strength of the team is that they are a tight-knit group. They really focus on making the team feel like a family to bond and which makes their games that much stronger. 

“Whether you’re a freshman or a senior we’re all pretty tight-knit. We all talk like we’re the same age, there aren’t really groups. We’re all one big group,” Murphy said. “We’re all really team players.” 

Murphy described that this was a huge improvement from last year when according to him the team was split up into smaller groups. Murphy said he really likes the community this season is bringing. 

“When your number gets called you’re ready, and we’re all cheering each other on,” Murphy said. 

Patrick Ford, a first-year biology student, said he really enjoys the atmosphere of the team. 

“We want to give everyone that we play a competition and want to come out winning,” Ford said 

Ford said one of the team’s biggest goals is to compete in every game they play in. He said the team doesn’t want to lay down during any game, and they hope to compete up to the last minute. 

“We definitely want to win against Stout, we have three upcoming games against them so the goal is to take all of them, but if not all of them at least two,” Ford said. 

Coach Charles Bolden said he is looking for more consistency between games. He said it is important to be able to put all the components they work on in practice together during games.  

“We’ve been really competitive in games, we go through good streaks and bad streaks but we are competitive and that’s a really good sign to me,” Bolden said. 

Bolden said his team is very resilient. He admires their skill to bounce back and their drive to want to get better. 

“It’s easy in the season with the ups and downs to waver, but for the most part everyone on the team has been really good about being resilient and adjustable,” Bolden said. 

According to Murphy, the baseball team is a fun team to watch and he encourages students to get out to games. 

“We do all the little things, we score a bunch of runs, we are well coached and I think everyone would enjoy watching us,” Murphy said. 

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