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Wisconsin football takes an L this week

Claire Schoenemann

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Photo by Marisa Valdez

To say that it was an upsetting weekend of fantastic football for Wisconsinites might be a bit of an understatement this week. 

Nonetheless, here we are. For those who are feeling the same frustration as football fans across the state, let’s debrief. 

At this point in the season, the Packers season-theme of defensive struggle has set them back to a 3-3 record after their devastating loss on Oct.16. 

The final score of the Packers loss to the New York Jets on Sunday was an upsetting 10-27. 

The seemingly close game was wrapped up with a bow on top when the Jets finished off the second half of the game with a whopping three touchdowns. 

Essentially, a lot went wrong for the Packers. In the first half, Green Bay had a field goal blocked and only narrowly made it on the scoreboard with a successful field goal in the final play of the half. 

Mason Crosby’s 29-yard field goal tied the Packers and the Jets up at the half, 3-3. 

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was part of the team’s struggle this week. Throughout the game, Rodgers was hit nine times and sacked four. 

To add to the offensive struggle, the running game average was 3.0 yards per carry. A mere two plays gained more than 16 yards throughout the entire game. 

Even coach Matt LeFleur admitted that the team just couldn’t get a hold of a flow during the game, and is having trouble getting things moving offensively. 

LeFleur said that the game ultimately starts with Rodgers, the quarterback, and that the team needs to focus on alleviating some of the pressure on him, especially after the amount of hits he took against the Jets. 

Aside from offensive struggles, the team crumbled defensively in the second half. Once the third quarter hit, Jets receiver Corey Davis snagged the ball for a 41-yard gain. 

From here, receiver Braxton Berrios finished off a 20-yard end-around touchdown run to get the Jets offensive ball rolling. In the next offensive possession the Jets went for a total of 66-yards in five plays. 

This Jet-dominant offense continued for the remainder of the game. 

Injuries didn’t help the Packers case. Receiver Randall Cobb exited the game with an ankle injury that he will have to sit out for. 

So, the Packers had some difficulty. True Packer fans will say it was the cold snap, not the lack of performance from our beloved team. 

On the college end of things, Wisconsin Badger football had both an exciting and nail-biting loss in double overtime against the Michigan State Spartans on Saturday, Oct. 15.  

Badger quarterback Graham Mertz was responsible for carrying Wisconsin into overtime when he threw a 25-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Chimere Dike. 

Mertz finished the game with 123 passing yards and two touchdown passes. Mertz now has a total of 15 touchdown passes this season among the Badgers seven games. 

Despite the Badger’s exciting performance against the Spartans, they fell to Michigan State, final score 28-34. 

Wisconsin is now 1-3 in the Big Ten conference as they come up against Purdue on Saturday, Oct. 22 for the Badger homecoming football game.  

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