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The best study spots on campus

Skyler Schad

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If you’re asking me
October 4, 2023

Photo by Marisa Valdez

Fall time is the best time for improving your mental health.

Dear reader,

The time has come again when we are just a few weeks out from finals. I know the stress levels are rising, and every assignment seems harder to get done.

I know my to-do list has started to grow as my motivation has begun to shrink. Every day I wake up thinking I will be productive, but get to the end of the day feeling as if I did nothing.

One of my favorite things to do when my motivation starts to dwindle is to find a new study spot. The change of scenery always helps me, and it’s especially useful for me to get out of my room and away from the many distractions.

I’m giving you guys a list of my favorite study spots on campus. If you ever need a place to study, this can be your one-stop shop for new ideas.

Library Study Rooms

I only just started using the study rooms in the library this semester, surprisingly, but I think they’re the best place to focus.

At the McIntyre Library, you can tap your ID at the desk and a friendly student employee will give you a key to a room. You get this room for three hours, but you can request to extend this time if needed.

They’re very quiet, so you never get disturbed. I like to play my favorite study music for myself and sprawl out. The study rooms are also great for timed exams because you can’t get distracted.

The Cabin

The Cabin in Davies is my favorite spot to grab a coffee and sit down to study. The environment is so warm, and I love the wall with the pretty lights. The workers always play jazz music in the background, or you can pop in your earbuds.

My favorite order is an iced white mocha with an almond croissant. I can spend hours in the Cabin, sipping my coffee, snacking on my pastry and getting work done. They also have a great spot upstairs with some comfy chairs and couches downstairs if you want to get comfortable.

Sitting by the stream

When it’s warm outside, a great spot to sit is by the stream in front of Davies. Sometimes you can watch the ducks visit, and there are a few chairs you can lean against.

One of my favorite memories from my first semester at UW-Eau Claire is when I would sit on the grass, my computer on my lap and the sun beating down on my face, my half-eaten Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwich beside me. I always got so much done.

Relaxing on the Campus Mall

Another good study spot for when Wisconsin finally decides to get warm is outside on the Campus Mall. I like to lean against the big rock benches. 

Sometimes the sun gets a little bright, but if you get the right angle, it’s not too bothersome. If you have any textbooks to read, this is also a great spot to get that reading done. Plus, if it’s very sunny, you may even get a little tan.

Residence halls

A lot of the residence halls on Upper Campus have great study spots. Many of the halls have basements with tables and comfy chairs. You can also find spots in lots of the lobbies.

I currently live in the Suites, and we have a lobby with lots of seating and even some study rooms. You don’t even have to trek down the hill to find good spots to grind out some homework.

Second floor of Centennial

My final favorite spot is the second floor of Centennial Hall. There are chairs facing the big windows, so the lighting is always great. There are also a few chairs with tables attached, and also some spots overlooking Einsteins.

Speaking of Einsteins, my favorite thing to do is grab a coffee and a bagel before heading upstairs. Food and coffee always give me motivation, and when combined with the great study spot, really boosts my motivation.

That concludes my overview of my favorite spots. My biggest suggestion is to find your own favorite spots and utilize them to get out of a rut. School can be hard, but you can make it fun by switching things up.

Grab your favorite drink, a snack and find the perfect place to get things done. Finals are coming, but you got this. We’re almost at the end.

Lots of love and hugs of encouragement,


Schad can be reached at [email protected].