Just go with it

Sophie Geske

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A classic rom-com comfort movie.

When searching for a movie, a classic romantic comedy is a great way to go.

Personally, I really enjoy rom-coms. I am always in for a good laugh and adding in the romance component adds a little something extra.

Rom-coms are generally pretty good comfort movies. While the story lines change, they typically have a similar layout and a happy ending. Since they are so predictable with few surprises, it is easy to know what to expect and not have to worry about something potentially going wrong, like in life.

I don’t know how many times I have seen “Just go with it,” but I can tell you it has been a lot. Whenever I am looking for something funny to watch and can’t find anything good, this is the movie I turn to.

Having seen it so many times, it’s great to have it playing in the background since I know what is going on at each point in the movie.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in a movie together are a fantastic combo. They feed off each other’s energy and are very enjoyable to watch.

This was their first movie together which was made back in 2011. The two got together again in 2019 for “Murder Mystery” and again in 2023 for “Murder Mystery 2.”

The movie follows Dr. Daniel Maccabee (Adam Sandler), a plastic surgeon and Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), his assistant, as they go on an adventure that started because of a lie.

The movie begins with Daniel having a lot of trouble finding people to date, so he finds creative ways to get dates at bars, primarily by creating a fake story and changing it each time.

Thinking about this in real life, I guess there is no real way to tell if someone is telling you the truth or not, especially if it is the first time they are meeting.

Daniel was going on a lot of dates, which ended up being one night things, until he met Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) who was his dream girl.

While on a date with Palmer she found a fake wedding ring in his pocket making her think that he was married and cheating on his wife. This caused him to come up with a more elaborate story to keep her interested. He told her he was divorced – not really – and enlists Katherine’s help when Palmer asks to meet his ex-wife.

With Katherine’s help, the story gets more complicated when Katherine accidentally mentions her kids – theoretically their kids; it brought in the rest of the family which led to future conversations and an adventure to Hawaii, primarily so Katherines son could swim with dolphins.

As you could guess from typical rom-com fashion, Daniel and Katherine eventually fall for each other.

Rom-coms give so many different ideas how people could end up together or possible date ideas even.

Honestly, it could be a lot of fun not creating a fake story for yourself, but creating a fake story for some other people or couples that you see around.

This movie will always be one of my go to’s. It is very lighthearted and fun and easy to follow along after seeing it so many times.

It reminds people to just go with it. Be yourself and show your true story as lies eventually unfold and things could turn out differently than one might have expected.

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