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Uncertain times calls for uncertain career choices in this week’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ episode

Sami Geiger

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We are back with another drama-filled episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

In the previous episode, Miranda Bailey moved her parents to an assisted living facility. She was hesitant at first, given the pandemic. Her hesitancy proved her right. Maggie Pierce informed Bailey there were positive COVID-19 cases at the assisted living facility Bailey’s parents were at.

Panicked, Bailey called her husband Ben to ask him to move her parents to her hotel room.

In the meantime, Andrew DeLuca and Teddy Altman were happy to see that Meredith Grey is starting to get better now that she is on the trial.

Things are finally starting to look up for Meredith.

Jackson Avery also found out his mother — a cancer patient nonetheless — wasn’t wearing her mask and when she was, it wasn’t worn properly. 

I mean, you would think that being immunocompromised, she would want to wear her mask to protect her health.

Jo Wilson and Levi Schmitt attended to a patient — whose blood pressure was on a constant increase. After tests were done, it was concluded she had an abscess which was eroding into an artery in the liver. Wilson and Schmitt revealed to the patient that she will need yet another surgery.

In other COVID-19 news, Thomas Koracick was brought into the trauma unit after he tested positive for the virus. The doctors believe he was suffering from encephalitis.

Worried about him, Altman sent Koracick to get a head CT scan. Altman called Amelia Shepherd for a second opinion on the results. After seeing the results, Amelia made a b-line to the hospital.

Remember when Bailey had hesitations about her parents being in an assisted living facility? Unfortunately, Ben arrived at the hospital with Bailey’s mom who had fallen extremely sick from COVID-19.

On the white sandy beach again, Bailey and Meredith were standing there talking. Bailey told Meredith that her mother had Alzheimer’s but didn’t want to bring Meredith more pain with the news. 

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Wilson was called in to deliver a baby, as all the other obstetricians are busy. Wilson delivered the baby without any problems and found herself feeling joyful amongst the hard times.

In another wing of the hospital, Bailey found that her mother was doing worse. Not knowing what to do, Bailey called Ben.

Frustrated, Bailey took a seat on a bench outside. Sensing her frustration, Pierce took a seat with her and listened to all of Bailey’s frustrations.

Later in the evening, Wilson vented to Schmitt all about the joy she felt delivering the baby and now has to go back to the sad things. Schmitt reminded her that she saved a life either way. Still unsure, Wilson considered switching careers.

Bailey and Webber shared some words regarding Bailey’s mother. She then walked into her mother’s room to say her last goodbye, all while she sang her favorite song —“My Girl” — as her mother took her last breath.

The screen went black and was riddled with all the names of people who lost their fight to COVID-19. It was a startling image.

“Grey’s Anatomy” has always been heavy with emotions. While this episode definitely pulled at the emotions, the series feels very focused on the virus.

It almost feels as though everything else exciting in the episodes are getting drowned by COVID-19. Being a medical show, I understand the need and want to incorporate the virus, but also, we are living through the pandemic — we already know the horrors of this virus.

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