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The return of 007

Sami Geiger

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Lucky contestant number two, come on down: George O’Malley. 

George was the next person to show up on Meredith’s magical white sand beach where she can talk to dead people. Not going to lie, I was really hoping for Lexie or Mark, but beggars can’t be choosers.

If Meredith is seeing dead people that only means one thing: her battle with COVID-19 is getting worse. Altman and DeLuca, her primary doctors, wanted to put her into an experimental trial.

Webber, her power of attorney, was hesitant about doing so — patients have died while in it, but he knew it could be Meredith’s best chance at turning things around.

Meredith and George continued to catch up, filling each other in on all the latest news. Meredith started to hear Webber talking about what he should do for her. Webber showed up on the beach next to Meredith, and he didn’t say anything, but rather he sat there.

Webber isn’t dead so how was he on the white sand beach with Meredith and George? One will never know.

Meredith considered not going back to real life, leaving everyone behind — her job, her loved ones and her kids. I know I wouldn’t be able to leave my kids. George stopped Meredith and explained how his mother has never been the same since he died.

A mother losing her child is a pain I hope to never endure and a pain I wish others didn’t have to either.

Anyways, back at the hospital, Webber made his decision. At Grey Sloan Memorial, if you are talking to dead people, you know things are bad. With the risks in mind, Webber instructed DeLuca to put Meredith into the trial immediately.

While on the beach — which is much more peaceful than her hospital room — Meredith told George his selflessness changed her as a person. I was out right crying by this point. It finally gave “Grey’s Anatomy” fans closure from George’s last episode in season six.

Still pained by his decision, Bailey assured Webber he made the right decision for Meredith. I mean, poor Webber practically raised Meredith since she was young — he should be allowed to be sad over his decision.

Back on the beach Meredith, George and Webber are joined by Bailey. None of them interacted, but just sat there and enjoyed each other’s company, which is quite peaceful if you ask me. It’s also confusing to me though because Meredith only sees dead people on the beach, as of right now.

Let’s talk about Meredith’s sisters for a second: how are they doing through all of this? In short: not well. Pierce not only has been dealing with her beloved sister suffering from COVID-19, but her boyfriend, Winston, has brought her into his own family drama — let the girl catch a break.

Amelia on the other hand — naturally — was spiraling. Link was trying to keep things upbeat at the house, but Amelia was fed up with him blocking out her feelings. 

She let him have it because he can’t keep dismissing her feelings. Link set up some chairs and they had a heart to heart. While Amelia likes to talk things out, Link does not. Instead, he likes to play the guitar and Amelia doesn’t understand that.

At the end of the day, the sisters continued to cope with Meredith’s dire situation — for now.

In other news, Wilson and Avery don’t want to be a “thing” which most definitely means they are a “thing.” Unpopular opinion: I hope they turn into something.

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