Poshmark makes it easy to turn old clothes into cash

Selling your old clothes can turn into a part-time job with the right business tactics

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Poshmark is a clothing resale app that launched in 2011. It’s an online marketplace for anyone wanting to sell their clothes, ranging from fashion entrepreneurs to college students looking to trade their closet space for pocket cash. 

The inventory is composed entirely of individual sellers. Nothing you see on the app is listed by retailers. A user creates a profile and fills their virtual closet with clothes, jewelry, and other apparel. When a customer makes a purchase, Poshmark sends the seller a prepaid shipping label. They put it in a box, and drop it off at the post office.

The app can be used for once-in-a-while sales or for full-scale businesses run straight out of sellers’ homes.

Business Insider interviewed Suzanne Canon, who started selling clothes on Poshmark to get some extra cash. She developed a wholesale clothing business over 5 years and made $1 million in revenue.

I made a Poshmark account to diversify my wardrobe. A friend told me that it was a good place to find big name brand clothing on sale.

North Face, Gucci, Nike, Adidas and many other of my favorite brands were being sold from closets of other users. The app is easy to use, and you can private message sellers to bargain price.

After spending time on the app and occasionally buying clothes, I got interested in selling some of my old clothes to make space for new ones.

The process is simple. Take a couple of pictures of what you want to sell, write a short description, and list a price. I’ve made about $70 selling only three pieces of my old clothes.

With good business practices and tips from top Poshmark sellers, you can run a profitable business selling clothes.

Vice interviewed a few Poshmark users who saw success from running a successful “closet,” the term for a seller’s profile.

Seller Haley Gibbs started selling clothes in her closet in her senior year of college. As her profile grew, she started hunting for clothes at Goodwill for clothing, shoes, and other accessories.

Her profile has regular customers, and she shops for pieces that fit their style. She has made $25,000 in two years on the app and used her profits to pay off her student loans.  Every seller has their own practices for running a successful closet.

“Sell things that you like and be generous,” Gibbs said.

Interaction with customers can make or break your business. It’s important to build positive relationships with people that purchase clothes from your profile.

The Penny Hoarder interviewed Poshmark user Alison Gary, who gave tips on how to build and maintain relationships with customers. Transparency is key when building a successful profile.

“[Show] minute details of the product you’re selling,” Gary said. “In doing so, you let buyers see exactly what they’re purchasing, flaws and all.”

Bargaining with customers can be a struggle when first selling. Buyers have a chance to haggle the price down on your listings, but it’s important to keep your pieces at a fair price.

“There are people out there who will make offers that are ridiculously low,” said Gary. “If it’s a waste of your time, say no.”

Poshmark is a great app for college students. It can spice up your wardrobe, and it can put money in your pocket by clearing out your closet. You can even turn your profile into a full-scale business with the right practices.

Whether you sell some old clothes for pocket cash or become a full-blown Poshmark entrepreneur, it might be worth your while to become a seller on Poshmark.

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