Pursuit of the perfect costume

The scary truth about Halloween spending


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This year, Halloween sales are expected to reach an average of 8.8 billion dollars, with 3.2 billion dollars spent on costumes alone.

As Halloween weekend approaches, young adults may not worry about demons or ghosts. What scares people the most is how much money they will spend on this years’ costume.

I am now in my first year of college, where many of my expenses are done on my own. On top of these pressures, I now have to find a clever, yet still affordable, Halloween costume.

According to the National Retail Federation, 2019 Halloween sales are expected to reach an average of $8.8 billion with each individual set to spend $86.27.

To even consider spending over 20 dollars on a costume seems way out of my budget, not to mention the factors of online shipping if I cannot make it to a store in time.

If you have the resources to go and purchase a unique and creative costume, go for it — but do not be discouraged if you are not in the same position.

The National Retail Federation said the top spending categories include $3.2 billion on costumes, $2.7 billion on decorations and $2.6 billion on candy, alongside other holiday themed purchases.

Luckily, college students may not spend money on decorations or candy to hand out. Yet these large numbers show how much attention is placed on doing the most for the best costume.

According to Cornell University, it becomes harder to reuse an older Halloween costume for kids and adults alike when additional social factors come into play.

“The right costume can be an opportunity to display one’s status within a group,” Cornell University said.

This is especially true when I observe what my friends aim to dress up as. Whether it be a black cat or a policeman, everyone starts to talk about what is considered a ‘cool costume.’

I did not realize initially how important Halloween was in a college social environment. However, students can find ways to still dress up in style with what you already have.

According to Popsugar Living, there are ways to create your own personalized Halloween costume even if you are looking for something last minute and trying not to break the bank.

This year, I will most likely search through my own closet to find a fun costume that matches with what I already own.

While this option may take more time and some extra creative thinking, in the long run the costume will stand out and I’ll have a fun story to tell alongside it.

Halloween does not have to be a frightening experience when it comes down to what you wear. There are alternative options to achieve the same end result of a higher end costume.

This holiday should center around a fun environment for students on campus. The pressure of a perfect costume should not be a concern when celebrating this weekend.

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