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Apple and Google announce their entrance into the gaming world

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In the past two weeks, both Google and Apple have held sizable announcements to show the world that they mean business (in case we didn’t already assume they “meant business”).

While Apple’s was more diverse with new releases spanning from credit cards with no number to the Apple TV+, their presentation, along with Google’s, had one thing in common: gaming.

On March 19, Google held an hour-long presentation at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. Their focus was on their new Google Stadia, a gaming platform run by Google with some bananas features.

The platform will work on many different devices. As long as you’ve got a screen, a controller and high-speed internet, it seems like you can play almost any game you want. You don’t have to download any game, you just have to boot it up.

The games will reach up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, which is great! We love to see our video games in high resolution.

The Stadia will be lag-free and feature a roster of games from a massive amount of companies such as Ubisoft, Q-Games and Unreal Engine. Google will also be selling a controller in case the gamer doesn’t already have one.

Currently, there is no price set for the Stadia but due to the popular comparison of “Netflix but for gaming,” it will more than likely be a monthly subscription. This seems pretty good for a platform that you can play virtually anywhere.

Stadia is set to release later this year.

Apple, on the other hand, came out with Apple Arcade, “Games that redefine games.” While you could call the Google Stadia the “Netflix of games,” you could do the same for Apple Arcade.

The platform is subscription based, can be played on all Apple devices and gives up to six family members access to the library.

In case Apple commercials weren’t so gosh darn charismatic, the Apple Arcade commercial makes you feel the way all Apple commercials make you feel: like Apple is special. It’s true that Apple Arcade is unique in that no controller is needed. You simply use the screen as the controller.

From the developers featured in the commercial, it seems as though Apple is taking a chance and working with indie and non-traditional style gaming companies. Almost every game that is on its way is unique to the Apple Arcade.

Deciding between the two services will be a difficult choice.

Well, right now it’s hard to tell, but you could look at it this way. Apple Arcade is going to have many unique, single-player games from the looks of it. Nothing stood out as multiplayer. Google highlighted it’s multiplayer functions. The only problem is you might need to buy their controller for it.

So if you’re looking for a unique style of gaming, the Apple Arcade is calling your name. If you like the games you have now, the Stadia is a pretty solid option. Just make sure you have the internet to utilize them well.

But that’s just my two cents.

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