Cloning conspiracy

Was Avril Lavigne replaced by a clone?

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As an Avril Lavigne conspiracy takes over Twitter, everyone is left questioning her true identity.

This conspiracy theory originated from a Brazilian fanpage that claims Avril Lavigne isn’t who she appears to be. I’ve read different possible conspiracies, one being that she died from an overdose and the record label wanted to continue her image to make money.

Another theory is she couldn’t handle the pressure after the release of her 2002 debut album and started using a body double named Melissa Vandella. The first theory is rather sad, so I like to think of Lavigne chilling on a beach somewhere stress-free while her body double Melissa is living the pop star dream.

This theory about Lavigne is my favorite. I first read it on Twitter and laughed at the thought, but some of the “evidence” is so obscure that I reevaluated the conspiracy.

“Proof” of the conspiracy has included Lavigne’s red carpet shots. Lavigne prefers to wear pants, whereas Vandella prefers dresses and skirts. There are supposed differences between the facial features like the nose shapes of pre-2003 Lavigne and the current incarnation.

Differences between Lavigne and Vandella include height, nose and freckles. Apparently in 2002, Lavigne was 1.58m whereas now she is 1.55m, which is claimed as being “impossible.” Freckles and height don’t typically change. Wake up, people.

There are also “clues” left in songs such as “Slipped Away” in which she sings, “The day you slipped away was the day I found it won’t be the same.” There was also a publicity shot in which Lavigne had the name “Melissa” written on her hand.

Another song with underlying meaning is “Nobody’s Home” when Lavigne sings “Couldn’t tell you why she felt that way. She felt it everyday and I couldn’t help her. I just watched her make the same mistakes again.” “Nobody’s Home” was released in 2004 and the conspiracy is that Lavigne was replaced in 2003. Those lyrics seem as though Vandella is trying to tell us something dark happened.

Lavigne, or shall I say Vandella, appeared on KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O show and was asked about the conspiracy.

“Did you laugh at the rumors that went around where you no longer exist and there’s a clone of you?” asked Jackie, the show’s host. “So you died years ago and there’s a clone pretending to be you.”

“Yeah, some people think that I’m not the real me, which is so weird,” Lavigne responded. “Like why would they even think that?”

She never denied the conspiracy in the interview, and has repeatedly said it’s “weird” in other interviews without denying the conspiracy.

This clone conspiracy theory explains some of these aesthetic changes throughout the years, but so does plastic surgery. While the theory helps to explain her style choices change, so does the career arc of most pop stars. However, in my defense, nothing can explain Lavigne’s two-year marriage with Nickelback member Chad Kroeger. He is far from the “sk8er boi” type.

If you go deep enough into the theory, you’ll find connections to the illuminati. Which makes this conspiracy, one might say, “Complicated.”

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