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Is any Mcdonald’s product ever worth more than $50, in any scenario other than starvation?

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Mcdonald’s recently put a limited amount of their “special” Big Mac sauce out as part of a promotion for their new editions of the classic Big Mac. Some of these bottles of sauce are being resold online for upward of $10,000.

Members of The Spectator Editorial Board discussed whether any Mcdonald’s product is worth more than $50 in any scenario other than apocalyptic, end-of-world starvation.

The initial reaction from one member was in the affirmative. The speaker said that any rare item is has value simply for being rare.

“Anything that’s rare has a dollar value attached to it,” the speaker said. “It might not be worth $10,000, judging by the quality of Mcdonald’s, but it has a dollar value.”

Following members disagreed. One member said that because it was a promotion, it is likely that the sauce will come back again, making it worthless.

“I think that people can probably make mock sauces,” a different speaker said, “so it’s probably not worth that much no matter how rare.”

Another member said Mcdonald’s has a history of introducing limited edition items under the pretense of one-time release, but later, if the item does well, they bring it back permanently. The member said that the McRib is an example of such deception by the multibillion dollar fast food restaurant.

“Honestly, even if it was rare, I wouldn’t even pay 50 cents for extra sauce,” another speaker said. “$10,000 is just a little bit crazy.”

Another member said there are a lot of Mcdonald’s products other than food that might be worth more than $50.

“I come from a family of collectors,” the speaker said, “and we have a lot of cool Mcdonald’s Disney cups. It doesn’t matter that it came from Mcdonald’s if it’s cool, but sauce is not cool.”

Other speakers agreed that tangible items such as cups or toys might have more value than a food product.

The board voted 3-4 against whether any Mcdonald’s product is worth more than $50 in any scenario other than starvation.