Ed Board Dec. 1

In the end, will the elections recount be worth the effort?


The Leader Telegram published on Nov. 30 that the estimated cost of the presidential recount has risen from 16 cents per vote to $8.46, with an average lying around $1.18.

Reporter Eric Lindquist, who covered the story, wrote that state officials originally estimated the cost of the recall would be $1 million, following Green Party nominee Jill Stein’s request for a recount.

“The estimates may vary widely as some clerks may not have been able to precisely identify their estimated costs in the short time available to them,” said Elections Commission administrator Michael Haas. “If the estimate turns out to be too high, the campaign will receive a refund. If the estimate is too low, they will have to pay the additional cost.”

The recount is expected to be finished by 8 p.m. Monday, Dec. 12.

When The Spectator’s editorial board convened, they answered the question: Will the elections recount be worth the effort in the end?

“While I hope it would be worth the effort and would tell us some new forms of information, I don’t think it will be,” a member said. “While it’s not taxpayer money, it feels like a little bit of a waste at this point without knowing more about why it would be necessary.”  

Another argued that only if each of the states performing the recounts and “turned blue” would the recount have any lasting effect.

One member said they understood the reasoning behind the recount, given recent concerns for voter fraud.

In the end, the ed board voted 5-1 that the recount will not be worth the effort.