Great Debate

Gilmore Girls vs. Full House revival

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Gilmore Girls

Add together one crazy cool mom, one crazy smart daughter, a small Connecticut town, all the local characters who come with it, some abnormally fast talking and I guarantee you will have a winning TV show.

Whether you’re a fan or not, you probably know the show I’m talking about. Why? Because “Gilmore Girls” is iconic beyond comparison to any other show, including “Full House,” which in turn makes its revival, “Gilmore Girls: A Day in the Life” all the more important than the revival “Fuller House.”

It’s easy to appreciate “Full House” for the charming way we see three men taking care of three little girls who grow up over the course of the show. But it’s a sitcom, so naturally, it’s predictable.

With “Gilmore Girls,” a dramedy through and through, one finds much more depth and relatability in the quirky yet charming characters. I grew up wishing I could be as smart and kind as Rory and as hilarious and confident as Lorelai. In fact, I could form my argument that “Gilmore Girls” is far superior with a simple list of all the best Lorelai quotes. (But still, I’ll provide one for you here)

The best compliments I’ve ever received have been that I’m like a real-life Rory and that my relationship with my mom is comparable to that of Lorelai and Rory.

I grew up asking people the ever-important questions, “Are you Team Dean, Jess or Logan?” or “Do you think Lorelai and Luke will end up together?” or perhaps most importantly, “Do you think Kirk will ever get less weird?”

I laughed and I cried with my beloved Gilmore girls. I learned it’s OK to “wallow” when your heart gets broken, that it’s OK to need coffee “only with your oxygen” and how it’s OK to have a fight with your mom once in awhile.

I learned it’s OK to be confused about what the heck you’re doing with your life during your college years.

This show is for everyone — not just mothers and daughters.

You just can’t help but be swept away by the charm of Stars Hollow and all the people who come with it.

Just because “Full House” was a show you’d occasionally flip on (and usually make fun of for it’s gaudy 1980s-90s style), doesn’t mean there should be a revival.

Like Lorelai says, “Just because I’m attracted to pie, doesn’t mean I feel the need to date pie.”

So “Oy with the poodles already!” and bring on this November when we get to see what exactly has been going on in Lorelai and Rory’s “little corner of the world” since 2007. After all, “Life’s short. Talk fast.”

— Sami West, Managing Editor

Full House

Is this even a competition? If I had to choose between the stud-muffin John Stamos or the Gilmore Girls which do you think would come out on top? If your answer was Stamos then I want you to pat yourself on the back and say in your best Michelle Tanner (the Olsen Twins) voice with a thumbs up, “You got it, dude,” because you’ve guessed it.

Stamos is hands down the winner every time.  All day, every day. Therefore, Full House would take the cake as well. Between the two originals, Full House was simply more nostalgic, which then means the reboot, Fuller House will be as well.

It’s been long overdue for this series to get started again, whereas with Gilmore Girls, it seems like just yesterday when they were on. For me, there hasn’t been enough time for a reboot. When I was little, I actually thought John Stamos was Elvis because of his impeccable yet hysterical Elvis impression as Uncle Jesse, and can’t wait to see him grace my screen one again with his flair.

So what, I wasn’t born in 1987 when it came on television? One thing doesn’t change: its ability to connect with me on a personal level. With Lorelai Gilmore and her teenage daughter, Rory, I never really got the same vibe. Something was missing. Or more like someone.

Enter stage right: Stephanie Tanner. That’s right folks, of the two shows there was only one character that made me feel I was looking in the mirror.

Stephanie’s character did it for me because of how real and relatable she was playing one of the younger sisters and making it a habit of spying on her older sister’s life by reading her diary and eavesdropping on every telephone conversation.

Yes, guilty as charged, I was that nosy sibling.

I grew up with Michelle, Stephanie and DJ, unlike the Gilmore Girls. Hence why I watched the reruns on repeat almost everyday after school. With Gilmore Girls, I couldn’t tell you one episode from the other simply because of how boring it was. Literally, I got drained just trying to keep up.

I feel like the showrunners owe it to their longtime, faithful fans of the series some vindication after the travesty they called a finale for the series. I wasn’t satisfied with my beloved, make-believe extended family leaving me so soon.

— Sadie Sedlmayr, Staff Writer