Great Debate

Home-brewed coffee vs. commercially brewed




Home-brewed coffee

Let me take you back to a not-so-distant memory you’ll probably identify with.

I woke up one sunny Thursday morning with a cloudy disposition and a to-do list long enough to stress me into staying in bed longer. One bleary-eyed glance at the clock told me I’d have to shave down my morning ritual to make it to class on time.

I could skip the shower – I knew my peers wouldn’t notice my moderately greasy hair. What they likely couldn’t handle, though, is my ‘tude without my morning cup of home-brewed joe. Fess up coffee drinkers, the stuff has us wrapped around its finger.

There’s just something about getting ready for the day with coffee’s warm aroma wafting through my kitchen while sitting in an armchair next to the living room window and sipping on a brew prepared exactly how I like it.

Somehow, buying coffee from a coffee shop on my way to class to make up for lost time isn’t nearly the same as a cup I prepared myself. The coffee-to-cream ratio is never exactly right and whenever I convince myself a frou-frou drink sounds kinda nice I end up with a mouth full of sugar, syrup and way too little coffee. I regret it every time.

Brewing your own coffee is cheaper, too. My go-to brand of coffee beans will cost about $15 a pound and lasts for weeks. A fancy drink from The Cabin or Einstein’s will cost about $4 each time. If you buy these on the regular, you’re forking over $20 per week.

Think about it. That much cash could buy you enough gas for a trip to the cities in Minnesota or five whole pizzas from the front desk of your dorm. Let’s get our priorities straight, here.

The next time you find yourself tempted to succumb to the tricky convenience of a coffee shop when you sleep too long to brew your own coffee, consider skipping the shower instead. You’ll be four bucks richer and probably happier, too.

–Lauren French, News Editor

Commercially Brewed

A place to meet friends, a common study spot and a destination to satisfy any craving; coffee shops are universal.

I have never met someone who doesn’t like coffee shops. Ever. I’ve even known people who don’t like coffee, yet still love going to coffee shops.

In addition to the warm scones and blueberry muffins, the simple aroma of commercially brewed coffee brings an overall relaxation to my day which makes them my go-to place.

I can enjoy the atmosphere of soft music and amazing coffee-smells while getting plenty of homework and studying done simultaneously.

It always seems like you run into all of the people you rarely get to see, allowing for some much-needed catching up.

While making your own coffee at home with a Keurig might be helpful in a time-crunch, the taste simply can’t compete with commercially brewed coffee such as Caribou or Starbucks.

My drink of choice only costs me around two dollars, making it a pretty cheap habit. Yes, if I were to look at my bank account and add up all of the money I have spent on coffee over the years it might make me cringe, but I don’t regret it.  Keurig coffee isn’t cheap either, in fact it is similar in cost as as going to purchase it elsewhere.

Not to mention that my coffee from campus will stay piping hot on my short walk to class rather than making it at home and having it turn cold by the time I complete my trek there.

Getting your coffee made for you is an enjoyable experience in itself.

There is no better way to start my day than to head to The Cabin and pick up a hot coffee on a cold day, greeted by Judy — head barista— with a smile and salute off to class, “Have a great day Chickadee.”

Call me a typical girl while I sit here writing this article at Starbucks sipping on my cold press, because I’ll take it as a compliment any day.

–Colette St. John, Copy Editor