Great Debate

Hoodies vs Crewnecks




Story by Hailey Novak and Sammi Wendling


Let’s just get something straight. Hoodies are undoubtedly superior to crewnecks. Crewnecks are basically sweatshirt posers, and face it, no one likes a poser.

Sorry crewnecks, but I am about to throw some serious shade.

First and foremost, hoodies have a hood. You know, for you to use. A prime example is last week Thursday, during the torrential downpour. In the morning, it had not rained yet, and so I biked to class. Unfortunately, by the time I got out of Hibbard, this awful, cold water was falling from the sky. Luckily for me, I had my amazing, warm hoodie on and was able to protect my head from the flood coming from the sky. Those poor people wearing crewnecks never had a chance.

As a girl with long hair, I can’t begin to tell you how many times hoodies have saved me from looking like a wet dog. Girls who get caught in the rain with a crewneck on? Sorry, but that two-hour hairstyle will resemble something like a stringy mop in about five seconds flat.

Hoodies also offer neck support when you wear them to bed at night. Sometimes a pillow just won’t do and instead of finding 82 different positions for your head before you are comfortable, you can just use your hood. Simply place the hood toward the nape of your neck … and you have your own instant neck pillow!

So crewnecks, stop trying to be something you are not. Who wants a sweatshirt with none of the benefits of a hood?

Just like when Gretchen Wieners from “Mean Girls” tried to make “fetch” work … it’s not going to happen.

Sammi Wendling, Staff Writer



There is nothing more annoying than whipping on my backpack after class only to have to awkwardly yank my hood out of the way while people stare and watch me struggle. Would I have had this problem if I had just worn a crewneck? Nope.

The hood, long hair and backpack combination is always deadly and never worth the fuss. This is only one of the many reasons that I prefer crewneck to hooded sweatshirts hands down. The less fussing and adjusting I have to do to my outfit throughout the day, the better.

When it’s cold at night during the Wisconsin winters, it’s necessary to bundle up in a nice cozy crewneck sweatshirt. Lord knows there’s nothing comfortable about trying to sleep with a bunched up ball of excess fabric from hoodies, clinging behind your neck while causing you to toss and turn.

Not only are hoods often uncomfortable but they don’t serve their purpose successfully. Putting up your hood to keep dry from the rain for example, will only give you matted and frizzy hair. You think that cotton fabric is really going to protect you from a downpour? Let’s face it, it’s going to get soggy.

If you try to use it to keep your ears warm on a cold, windy day, there’s a likely chance that it will get forced down by the wind anyways.

For girls especially, crewnecks are a much more practical option. You can easily accessorize them with a vest without making your outfit too bulky, or throw your favorite scarf over the top which will keep you warmer than any hood will anyway.

Whether we like it or not, crewnecks have clearly made a comeback. They were a wardrobe staple in the 80s and now 35 years later our campus bookstore is filled with them sporting the Blugold logo and our university name proudly.

Crewnecks are rightfully standing their ground as the more popular, comfortable and less bulky version of the outdated and clunky hoodie.

Hailey Novak, Staff Writer