Minnesota vs. Wisconsin




Story by Spectator Staff


The arts are of primary importance to Minnesotans. Whether it’s theater, film, music or books, Minnesota puts them all at the forefront of what makes the state great. Minneapolis is home to the Guthrie Theater, which not only puts on plays year round, but is an architectural work of art.

The Coen Brothers — directors of award-winners like Fargo, No Country for Old Men, The Big Lebowski — hail from St. Louis Park. You can thank Minnesota for Bob Dylan, Prince and Atmosphere. And The Great Gatsby? It’s author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, was born and raised in our capitol.

In short, Minnesota ranks No. 1 in the nation in spending on state arts agency – $6.36 per capita. Wisconsin comes in just above dead last – No. 47 – spending a meager 13 cents per capita.

— Kristina Bornholtz, Managing Editor

Minnesota sports have had its dark days. That is no secret. We have never won a Super Bowl or a Stanley Cup, and Golden Gopher football and basketball has failed to build a better program than the Badgers for well over a decade now.

But have baseball championships! The Twins have won three MLB World Series titles while the Brewers have won zero.

The Vikings haven’t been able to deliver a Super Bowl, but they have brought America players like Alan Page and the “Purple People Eaters,” Fran Tarkenton, Cris Carter and Randy Moss.

We are the state for hockey. Nearly 18,000 people a year attend the high school state hockey tournament. Gopher hockey has won a combined nine NCAA championships between the men’s and women’s teams. We were home to the North Stars and now the Wild.

Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar reigns from Minnesota. I’ll take Lesnar one-on-one with any Wisconsinite ever, because like this debate, Minnesota is winning the fight.

— Ellis Williams, Spots Editor

My dear cheesehead pals, I’m sorry Lee Greenwood forgot you when naming the gems of America in “Proud To Be An American.” However, your cheese and beer were no competition for “the lakes of Minnesota.”

I’m sorry your State Fair is in West Allis and no one cares about it while ours is twelve days of perfection, I’m sorry California leads the nation in milk production, not “America’s dairyland” and I’m sorry your citizens haven’t all been dubbed “nice.”

Also, it’s a drinking fountain, it doesn’t bubble and it’s a cabin, not a cottage.

— Courtney Kueppers, Editor in Chief

Wisconsin has the cruelest drivers I have ever faced in the two and a half years I’ve had my driver’s license. If looks could kill, I’d be dead anytime I drive around Eau Claire and make any trivial driving error.

In Minnesota, my wave and smile usually make up for my frequent driving mistakes. But not here. Every time I try to get onto the freeway, no one is kind enough to slow down to let me in. Help a girl out, would you? It’s common decency, not even simply being nice.

— Sami West, Staff Writer


Cheese. Need I say more?

— Lauren Kritter, Staff Writer

When I think of Wisconsin, my home state, I think of community. On a recent visit to Lambeau field, I met numerous people in my section from places such as Alabama, Mississippi and Kentucky. These guests reminded me how friendly and hospitable Wisconsinites are.

Wisconsin has the world’s largest water park, Noah’s Ark, featuring rides such as the point of no return and Black Anaconda paired with the hundreds of other attractions in Wisconsin Dells.

Our Editor in Chief Courtney Kueppers, from Minnesota, recently made a trip to Door County. She posted Instagram photos and even made comments to me about how beautiful the city was and how much she loved it.

— Trent Tetzlaff, Copy Editor

Without Wisconsin, we wouldn’t know the Butterburger, or have America’s favorite delicious fried cheese curds. Thanks to Craig Culver, who founded Culver’s in Sauk City. Sure, we weren’t the only ones to come up with that delicious fried ball of cheese, but when you think of cheese curds, Culver’s goes hand in hand.

— Katy Macek, Currents Editor

First of all, the people arguing for the state to Wisconsin’s Northwest chose to leave their “beloved” state to go to school and live in “America’s Dairyland.”

Minnesotans will boast about their state’s public education system, and in light of what is happening with budget cuts in Wisconsin right now, there is good reason to.

But the fact of the matter is this. There are more public universities and two year schools in Wisconsin than there are Minnesota.

We can all unite around watching MVP and Super Bowl winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers chuckin’ bombs downfield to receivers who are better than Greg Jennings.

And progressives in both states find Gov. Scott Walker to be a bit radical, let’s not forget, Minnesota elected an ex-professional wrestler to rule the state not that long ago.

According to tourism numbers, more people would rather experience Wisconsin than Minnesota. I mean, duh.

But at the end of the day, I, like any good Wisconsinite, love sitting down and having a conversation with anybody from any place. Some of my best friends are from Minnesota, and I can’t imagine my life without them in it. Same goes for the  family I have calling the border state home.

So, Minnesota, while I am fiercely loyal and will defend my state to the death, I extend my hand of friendship to you and anybody from anywhere else, for that matter.

Just don’t cut your hands on our Super Bowl rings.

— Nick Erickson, Staff Writer