We only have one, so get it or regret it


National Guard soldiers killed four students and wounded nine others during a Vietnam War protest in the 1970 Kent State University massacre. This week Urban Outfitters released a one-of-a-kind Kent State University sweatshirt, complete with what appear to be blood stains.

The Kent State University sweatshirt continues the legacy of poor decisions from Urban Outfitters. The retailer has also had to pull a T-shirt covered in the word “depression,” a shirt that mirrored the requirements for a Jew in Nazi Germany and a shirt with a pro-anorexia message.

I have to wonder if this is all a marketing ploy. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with messages, including the Urban Outfitters email to my inbox every 20 minutes, it seems the more politically incorrect a message is the more attention the retailer gets.

Retailers will do whatever it takes to get customers on their website even if their merchandise is offensive to some. Urban Outfitters, Inc., the company that owns Urban Outfitters, recently reported record quarterly sales of $811 million, according to TIME.com.

According to dailymail.com, Alan Canfora, one of the nine people injured in the shooting, said, “This was a crass attempt at free publicity and a very morbid offering to stir up controversy.”

All of the scandals just go to show that any publicity is good publicity for retailers.

“There is no blood on the sweatshirt nor did we ever promote it as such,” Urban Outfitters said in an apology statement published on TIME.com. “The discoloration that has been mistaken for blood is from natural fading and sun exposure.”

While Urban Outfitters said they took the sweatshirt off the website, one user on eBay claims they shelled out $129 for the sweatshirt. Bidding starts at $550.