Off-campus housing is more comfortable and convenient

Story by Steve Fruehauf, Copy Editor

While dorm life may be suitable for some, living off campus has been a much better fit for me this year. After experiencing both, I’ve recognized a lot less hassle, added freedom, and NO hill involved with the latter.

The dorms have a lot of rules and while they may be necessary for that environment, it’s hindering for students. If someone is making too much noise or have music on too loud, they are reprimanded. In Towers, if someone lives on the first four floors they aren’t allowed to take the elevator. I wouldn’t want to walk up four flights of stairs if there’s an elevator right there. Then, people have to pay for parking each semester. That doesn’t ensure that they’ll get a good parking spot either. Last year, I had to park pretty far away from my dorm because it was so crowded.

Also, students are only allowed to have microwaves in the dorms. If they want to make something that involves a stove or grill, they have to go the basement and hope that no one else is using them. I don’t want to walk all the way down there just to grill something. These things start to accumulate and begin to become quite inconvenient.

Then there’s the possibility of landing the ‘creepy roommate.’ They are the person who enjoys playing scary music at four in the morning or the one who rarely bathes. I noticed too many of my friends complaining last year about how they weren’t meshing well with their roommates. Some don’t even speak anymore. It’s just something else people have to deal with when school is already stressful enough.

Living off campus quells all of these unfortunate issues. There are no rules about noise, unless neighbors come over and complain. There are no elevators, let alone flights to climb, at least not at my place. There’s free parking and in some places, specific parking for residents. I know that convenient when people need to get somewhere quick. Like I said, parking can be crazy when living specifically on campus but also off campus.

People have stoves and refrigerators just feet away when living off campus as well. There’s no need to go down four or five flights of stairs to make a grilled cheese or some chicken. Also, people don’t have to take a walk to the cafe for a late night snack. It’s always within reach and when it comes to roommates, people get to choose who they live with (most times).

Although for me, the biggest thing is avoiding the trek up the monstrous hill that separates the forms from the class buildings. Luckily, I’ve only had to make the climb once this year but my calves still haven’t forgiven me. A nice walk across the bridge is more than fine for me.

But like I said, everyone’s story is different. The dorms can be a great place for people to live. Off campus housing just gives me a chance to flex some new found independence and so far I’m enjoying it.