Donald Trump is a joke, right?

Story by Eric Christenson

I was watching “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” maybe a month ago and Donald Trump was on to talk about maybe his possible candidacy for next year’s presidential election. They talked about that a bit and laughed and everyone had a good time.

Then Trump went on to reveal the cast of the new season of his NBC show, “The Celebrity Apprentice.” With stars including Gary Busey, Lil Jon, Meatloaf and other (not quite) celebrities that are interesting enough to watch bicker and fight in order to win money for charity, but not interesting enough to take seriously, the show was sure to be a hit.

And why not?

I mean, Trump’s the king of success, and he’ll be the first person to tell you. In fact, I’m not sure anyone would know Trump is rich if he didn’t tell you every second, all the time.

He’s smug, arrogant and he looks like a toupée’d cheeseball.

So why is he running for president?

Well, honestly, I don’t think anyone knows. The man is as successful a businessman as they come, and I’m sure he probably thinks that that sort of success can carry over and be applicable to a nation rather than just a business.

Donald Trump was on “The Today Show” Tuesday morning and he did a one-on-one with NBC news reporter Savannah Guthrie. But instead of actually explaining why he’s running, he used the interview to talk about how rich he is and why he’s so supportive (all of a sudden) of the “birther” movement to find out if President Obama was actually born in this country.

It’s interesting, because it seems like Trump just got into the presidential game primarily on the ticket to establish a birth certificate from our president. Then Mr. Trump is surprised when he receives a lot of criticism for this idea. The man is a mystery.

But more than that, he’s extremely confident! It’s to the point where it’s foolish.

When Guthrie asked him how he’s going to deal with debt WHILE STILL keeping Medicare intact, he said, “You know how you do it? By stopping what’s going on in the world.”

I guess the main point about this is that I don’t think Donald Trump has an accurate idea of what the world is like. I think he has this tinted view of the world as merely a business.
And frankly, it’s not. Trump has made it clear that he thinks he can get into office, hold giant, red stop signs to everything that’s happening or everything’s that’s complicated and use his, I don’t know, fame, celebrity, notoriety to make a resounding splash that will make our three wars stop, our $12 trillion debt fly out the window and the world have faith in America again.

That’s just blatant naivety masked under a thick layer of bravado and Donald Trump for Men by Donald Trump cologne. And it’s just not what the world needs.

The point is, America isn’t jonesing for a lesson in Business 101 starring Donald Trump. What we really need is a leader who can deal with extremely complex issues with tact and civility, something I don’t believe Mr. Trump possesses by any stretch of his wide hairline.