People should have right to drink raw milk

Story by The Spectator Staff

In a state synonymous with dairy, it’s nice to see Gov. Jim Doyle poised to sign a raw milk bill into law. The issue of making raw milk available has not been without controversy, with headed public hearings here in Eau Claire.

Consumers who drink raw milk are generally educated about its consequences and risks, and they should be free to make the choice to drink it or not. Pasteurization may be “safer,” but it’s important for people to have access to clean and healthy food.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the Food and Drug Administration has been strongly opposed to any sort of deal on raw milk, which is not surprising considering that many FDA members have backgrounds in the agriculture industry. By refusing a raw milk bill, they are trying to protect the large farms that produce pasteurized milk.

Signing a raw milk bill into law will also hopefully make it cheaper for consumers. Before the bill, people who wanted raw milk would have to become members of a farm and own a share of it. By making it more widely available, the bill will support small farmers who need the business.