Spectator Tea Time

Owyn Peters

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Photo by Owyn Peters

During the cold spring semester, some Blugolds may want to consume a warm beverage. 

For some, this beverage could be green tea. Green tea, according to Green Tea: Health Benefits, is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. In addition to its popularity, green tea may provide some health benefits. Beneficial Effects of Green Tea—A Review said green tea may reduce risk of cardiovascular disease as well as some forms of cancer. It also may promote body weight control and anti-fibrotic properties. It is also stated that green tea helps with weight loss, diabetes and hair loss. According to Green tea and theanine: health benefits, the active ingredient in tea that promotes health are Polyphenols, which consists of theanine and catechins. 

Here is a video on how we make tea at The Spectator. 

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