Mayhem with Martha

Story by Martha Landry, Currents Editor






Are you attractive? Do you like to travel? If you answered yes to BOTH of these questions then I have news for you. MissTravel, an online travel dating website, matches up broke but hot girls with rich men, who will take them on trips around the world.

According to the website, they can be lawyers, doctors and CEOs, but in reality we all know they are just creepin’.

In interviews women who participated and the founder stated there is no association with the trips and sexual favors. It’s not prostitution. You can get your own hotel room and everything!

But let’s get real. ‘Come on this trip, attractive lady. I am really just a rich old man in need of conversation and someone to share a pizza with in Italy.’ That’s all. No. Never. Not going to happen.

Not only is it super degrading that these woman are making themselves so vulnerable for a trip but they are putting themselves in a seriously risky position!

I’m taking these tips straight off their website, for the record, so this stuff probably gets weird!

—When meeting someone for the first time, meet them for lunch or coffee during the day as opposed to dinner at night.

Just in case they are trying to kill you.

—Perform your own background checks, and always find out more about someone before you decide to meet them.

They might be a killer.

—Before traveling, find the address and phone number of the nearest embassy where you will be traveling to.

So you have somewhere to go if he is trying to kill you?

—Before you travel, make sure you have enough money to be able to return home safely in case of an emergency.

An emergency like this rando creepy dude is trying to kill you?

I think it’s kind of a red flag that you need to do a background check before going on the trip.

Aside from the safety and self-worth issues … it is still a little appealing to me. Actually, there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for a free trip to Europe. #sorrynotsorry

Let’s check out what fellow Blugolds have to say on the issue!


“There are so many things in the media right now about abductions and I don’t feel like that would be smartest thing to do for a travel situation. It could be considered (prostitution) because you are getting something out of it so you are almost getting paid in
a sense.”

-Ashley Nichols, senior


“I wouldn’t know who they are and it would be weird traveling with other people other than my family or if I had a spouse or something.”

-Justin Young, freshman


“I want to travel really bad and it’s not like I have the money for it now.”

-Lauren Seagren, junior


“You really have to question the motivations there and you have to question the safety factor for young women. The world is a dangerous place for young women. As much as we wish that wasn’t the case, it’s very true. The statistics tell us every 18 seconds a woman is killed by someone who promises to take care of her.”

-Barbara Kernan, women’s studies professor


“I would love to travel the world but not with someone that I don’t know at all. I would find it way too scary.”

-Jessica Switzer, freshman