Mayhem with Martha


Story by Martha Landry, Currents Editor







Nomz. Haggis.

Before you make any judgments, hear me out! I was a haggis hater at one point in time, too. When you break it down to the core of what this Scottish delicacy is, sheep heart, liver and lungs mixed with onions and spices which are then cooked inside a sheep stomach … yeah, actually don’t think of it like that!

Think of it as a delicious and extremely well, efficient food choice. Served with some neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes, who knows when it comes to the Scots!) it makes for a fantastically satisfying meal.

For some crazy reason, haggis is banned in the United States. I guess we are just a little too sensitive for culturally rich food choices. I mean serving up burgers comprised of easy 100 different cows is completely socially acceptable but oohhh we get all freaked out when lungs come into play.

I’m not hatin’ on you for being hesitant. I lived in Scotland for a solid four months before I maned up and tried it and it was a FANTASTIC choice.

Haggis is one of the richest meats I’ve ever eaten. I don’t have a very well developed palate so I’m not going to even try to explain to you the flavor, just rich with spices and definitely worth a taste if you ever find yourself across the pond.

I’m not a picky eater but I don’t love everything either. Baby octopus … not my first choice. I’ll save that story for a different time, though.

Listen to what some Blugolds had to say about their wildest food experiences!!


“The strangest food .. I think it was a pickled egg once. It was on a dare. It was pretty gross.”

-Stephanie Berkholtz, junior 


“Venison. I had it up in North Dakota with my family and it was just for fun.”

-Amanda Panzer, sophomore


“The strangest food I’ve ever eaten is probably a cow tongue burrito. In El Paso Texas, they had some really authentic Mexican … they served tons of strange things so I tried it. It was actually really good!”

-Gabe Stuntz, sophomore