Channel Surfer: “Ben and Kate”

Story by Emily Albrent, Chief Copy Editor

Classes aren’t getting any easier and before you know it finals will be here. That’s why everyone needs to take a little break and watch the show “Ben and Kate,” which airs at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesdays on Fox.

Kate (Lucy Punch), a single mother and realist is busy raising her daughter while her brother Ben, is a child himself, not having a care in the world. Her brother, Ben (Nat Faxon), crashes into her life at the most unexpected times, and now since he has seen how Kate struggles to be a single mother, he moves in with her to help her out. However, sometimes Kate feels as if she is now raising two children instead of one.

This show is absolutely adorable. It is hilarious to see the two characters interact with each other. They are so different from one another that you sometimes wonder how they ever got along in the first place. But you can tell that their characters care deeply for each other and that family means the world to them.

The dialogue between the two is witty and with a touch of sarcasm. It’s different from a typical show in the way that it is a half and hour program, so the writers have to pack everything into such a short amount of time.

I can always tell when a show is going to be less than an hour because the writers don’t waste time with useless words or filler. They typically don’t dodge around the plot of an episode because they don’t have time to do so. If the show is written right, they pick the perfect words and the right actors to put these words into action.

This can sometimes work against a show because you can feel cheated out of something, or that there are holes in the story line. However, this is not the case with this show.

I am actually having a hard time finding something wrong with this show. The only thing that I can think of and that kind of worries me is that with shows like this, the creators and writers need to make sure they have enough diverse storylines so they don’t all just mesh together. This show could go in that direction only because this whole plot line has been done before. It’s nothing new. It’s nothing shocking. But it’s still funny, and that’s all that really matters at this point with the show.

Not every show has to be a brand new idea for it to be the next big thing. It just has to stand out enough for it to be recognized. I think that “Ben and Kate” have a strong chance of that.

If you are looking for a show that will make you laugh constantly, then this is your ticket. The situations that these characters are put in seem so real and honest that you can’t help but laugh along. It’s a half an hour of your life.  Do something with it besides pretend to study.