Restaurant Review: Camille’s Sidewalk Café

Restaurant Review: Camille's Sidewalk Café

Story by Danielle Ryan

Thanks to the recommendation of the perpetually-cool professor, Blake Westerlund, we decided to go off the beaten path (aka, leave the college ghetto) and venture out to Camille’s Sidewalk Café, 1120 122nd St #3, Chippewa Falls.

Once you get onto the US-53 bypass, it only takes about five minutes by car.

We were initially lured there on a Monday night by the promise of live music. We weren’t disappointed as there was a very talented pianist set up with a keyboard next to the restaurant’s fireplace. The interior feels like Panera Bread in the spring, complete with grass-green walls, dark-colored furniture and eclectic lamps.

We deliberated over the extensive menu. For fans of Panera, this place offers a similar but more diverse spread. In addition to the standard soups, salads and sandwiches, Camille’s also offers breakfast wraps, flatbread pizzas and even cheesecake.

Their beverage selection includes a variety of smoothies, local and imported beers and wines, as well as coffee drinks.

Danielle Ryan: I ordered the Napa Valley Chicken Panini which came with a side of tricolored tortilla chips and salsa. The sandwich made a surprisingly good impression on me, considering the fact that it had mushrooms. Gross. The herbs used to season the foccacia bread really defined the sandwich. I normally get bored with chips and salsa, but the kind they offered were superb, and I ended up eating them all.

Breann Schossow: I, on the other hand, explored the wraps on the menu, choosing one of the more unique options: Paris Bistro Grilled Wrap. It offered a delicious combination of ham, Brie cheese, green apples, spinach, tomatoes and red onions. Unfortunately, the wrap was drenched in honey mustard, making it quite drippy. I also ordered a Strawberry Breeze smoothie, which was the best part of my meal.

We were so charmed by the ambience of the place that we decided a fair review should require a second visit (aka, we went back the very next day and ordered a smorgasbord).

The flatbread pizza we shared, Kickin’ BBQ Chicken, garnered mixed reactions.

DR: Eh, it was seriously lacking in barbecue sauce and bacon. Otherwise, it was pretty good.

BS: Ditto on the bacon, but the amount of sauciness was close to perfect.

The desserts, though, were a big hit. We dragged the roommate of BS along for the ride, and between the three of us, we shared four desserts: a lemon-berry bar, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, turtle cheesecake and an orange blossom muffin. We were unanimously delighted by our choices.

Camille’s has a very clean and quiet atmosphere, offering free wireless, making it an ideal homework environment.

Overall, Camille’s is definitely worth the drive.