Student Senate

Senate creates new AOS student positions and funds Pack it Up, Pass it On


The Student Senate meeting began at 6:07 p.m. on Monday in Centennial 1614.

President Rossellin Gaitán encouraged students to vote in the election for the 67th Student Senate. The ballot was sent to students’ university emails and will remain active until noon on Wednesday, April 19.

Intergovernmental Affairs Commission Director Hannah Kelly said students can apply in the housing portal to stay in on-campus housing during Unhoused Week — the week between the end of finals and the start of many off-campus Eau Claire leases on June 1.

Student Office of Sustainability Commission Senate Director Sydney McGuine reintroduced bill 66-B-16 to amend the SOS bylaws and create four new student positions in the Administrative Office of Sustainability (AOS).

McGuine said when passed, the bill will create a waste reduction coordinator, a green labs coordinator, an equity and food security coordinator that would collaborate with Multicultural Student Services and a sustainability special projects coordinator.

McGuine also reintroduced bill 66-B-17 to allocate $7,144 from The Green Fund to fund the annual Pack it Up, Pass it On event.

This event is held during move-out and off-campus students can donate large furniture items for free instead of paying for a company to collect the items. Pack it Up, Pass it On is a great way to spend segregated fees on off-campus students, according to McGuine. 

Bill 66-B-16 and 66-B-17 both passed unanimously with a vote of 26-0-2.

Senator Jake Hicks introduced bill 66-B-18 to allocate $1,000 monthly from The Green Fund during the academic year to support the Campus Harvest Food Pantry

Hicks also introduced bill 66-B-19 to make a bulk donation of $10,100 from The Green Fund to the Campus Harvest Food Pantry.

McGuine introduced bill 66-B-20 to repurpose the vinyl signage from the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) to make items to give out in the Student Sustainability Resource Center or while tabling.

The 200 square feet of vinyl from NCUR signage would be used to make 250 small pouches, passport holders, luggage tags or keychains for students, according to McGuine. When passed, $6,450 would be allocated from The Green Fund to cover the cost of production.

Student Organization Commission Director Bradford Heap introduced bill 66-B-21 to amend the senate bylaws to include the SOC special allocation fund.

Bills 66-B-18, 66-B-19, 66-B-20 and 66-B-21 will be voted on at the next senate meeting.

The senate adjourned at 7:54 p.m. and will reconvene at 6 p.m. on Monday, April 24 in the Dakota Ballroom.

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