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A cat and a faulty elevator

Ella Freeman

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Muffler in the roadway 

At approximately 11:49 a.m. on Feb. 9, an officer received a call that a muffler was observed in the southbound lane of traffic along University Drive. 

At the scene, the officer activated their emergency lights to alert traffic of the roadblock. 

The officer observed a muffler from a vehicle near the corner of 500 University Drive and 600 University Drive. 

The officer then exited their car and removed the muffler from the roadway. The muffler had rust on both ends of the pipe and was in close proximity to many potholes that could have caused it to fall off. 

The muffler was extremely hot to the touch, so it was placed in a nearby snow bank and then cleared from the scene. 

Cat vs. door

At approximately 1:15 p.m. on Feb. 9, an officer was alerted that a student had been locked out of her assigned room by way of a cat shutting an open door. 

The officer verified the student’s residency status and made their way to the residence hall. 

Upon arrival, the officer observed that the student was in the apartment but could not gain access to her room because it was locked. 

The officer utilized their department-issued key to open the door. The student needed no further assistance and the officer left the scene. 

Elevator issue 

At approximately 7:48 p.m. on Feb. 8, an officer was dispatched to Davies Student Center regarding a stuck elevator reported by the communications center.  

The officer observed the elevator doors to be open and three individuals were gathered outside of the elevator. Two students had been stuck in the elevator on the first floor. With the assistance of a couple of employees, they were able to open the doors and get out. 

There were no injuries and medical attention was not needed. 

This was the second time this day that the freight elevator had stopped working so the power was shut off for the night. Employees were still able to access the east and west wing elevators. 

The power to the one elevator car was shut off for the evening with no complication and the officers left the call. 


At approximately 11:55 a.m. on Feb. 7, an officer was driving southbound on University Drive. The officer was stopped behind a red minivan and as the light turned green the van did not move. 

The officer activated their emergency lights and got out of their vehicle to see if the minivan operator needed assistance. The operator of the vehicle said the power of the minivan had shut off and they were calling AAA for assistance. 

The officer put on a traffic vest for safety and waited behind the minivan until the tow truck could get there. The officer then activated the traffic advisory light on their squad car. After several vehicles stopped behind the scene the officer put a traffic cone behind their vehicle. 

The tow truck arrived and the officer made contact with its operator and then reversed so the operator would have access to the minivan. 

When the tow truck was in position, the officer cleared the scene. 

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